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    I'm getting my BB 9930 in legit an hour and a half, looking for instructions/hints/tips in getting the most mileage out of this baby!

    This is the very last Blackberry I will probably buy and it's bitter sweet, I had to buy it since I know QNX is going to be rolling out touchscreen for a long long while, causing me to likely switch to iP (should they incorporate physkeyboard) due to the fact that this phone will be outdated in about a year or so (like most do). -- it's already behind but I had to get it knowing it would likely be the last of it's kind!

    When first purchasing the phone -
    Thus far what I have read you MUST:

    -Check for faulty pieces
    • Elevated Trackpad
    • Bottom plastic part uneven
    • Metal bezel sharpeness
    • Squeekyness in keys

    -Drain battery x2 when you first get it.
    -Delete unneeded stock apps
    -Download battery extender app (yes/no? which one?)
    -Upgrade/Downgrade OS to (yes/no? which one? Some say varying things)
    -Turn off Wifi for better battery life

    What are some other things I need to be aware of when in store? Please add to my list!

    I am likely going to purchase a case/screen protector/EXTRA BATTERY.

    I have a 9800 with AT&T now, and I can go through 2 batteries in a day. My job as a social director makes me need to constantly be on the go on the internet and on twitter/fb 24/7. I have 3 email accounts that I connect to my phone. I have two Twitter Apps (BBs and Ubersocial) and FB app and eBuddyXMS messenger. I will likely face many battery struggles.
    11-04-11 06:54 PM
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    There is one importent thing you should check when you buy a touchscreen phone(counts for any tochscreen device).
    Check if the Proximity sensor is working properly.Make a call and move you finger above the sensor beside the front facing LED... the screen should dim immediately.
    If not you have a defect Proximity sensor.
    11-04-11 07:17 PM