1. Daktar's Avatar
    I love my 9900; I think that it is the best bold ever. I installed the latest Beta OS and prior to that had the OS

    I encountered one issue starting Tuesday about 4 days since I installed it where I get to the login screen to enter my password and as soon as I enter my password the screen appears stuck with everything displayed as it was just before I hit enter.

    I later discovered that if I hit the menu key (with the bb logo), the app switching screen will come on. On this screen I can select either the web browser, the phone, bbm and my enterprise email. Once selected the apps would work normally. Switching to the home screen would not work (app switching would show a back black ground and the app switching screen will appear frozen but after a few minutes I can switch away to a different app).

    Rebooting doesn't fix this problem. I reinstalled the beta OS four times and the issue disappeared. Alas today when I was out for a run listening to music the issue came back. At first there were some errors that the mp3 could not be played, then some java errors. I pulled the battery I was back to the weird issue issue.

    Any ideas?
    02-25-12 06:07 PM
  2. calicocat2010's Avatar
    Yeah my phone is starting to freeze some too. Takes a couple of minutes to unfreeze. Oh and the weirdest thing happened today too. One minute I get a text vibration in my pocket. The next thing I know the Phone is completely off! Was not frozen or anything. It just turned off. This has happened twice already.
    02-25-12 07:48 PM
  3. Peritaxis's Avatar
    I noticed a bit of freezing on the new leak too. And still had the ability to switch apps regardless of home being frozen. It happened with the Foodspotting app, so i suspect didn't work with the 7.1OS.

    I think the java errors you were getting may be from some incompatible apps. I had that problem with an earlier leak.
    02-25-12 08:09 PM
  4. albee 1's Avatar
    There is a reason why it is a Beta leak!
    02-25-12 08:58 PM