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    i recently bought a bold 9900 and the battery cover was broken when i got it,i didnt buy it "officially" or from a certain store so i have no one to blame but myself,so i ordered a new cover from ebay,easy and fast shipping.when i got it i didnt look at it just put it on and didnt think much about it.

    Now i realized that its not a "legit" cover and the "carbon fiber" doesnt even look remotly close to the original cover, and most importantly the antennas are not the same soo my question is Where or who can i contact to get a original,legit and proper working battery cover preferibly from blacberry so i know im getting the real thing,i dont have signal in school at all and im pretty firm on about 2 bars all the time.

    Please leave a response,any suggestions would be highly appreciated

    Thank You

    BR H.P
    02-24-12 03:55 PM
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    02-24-12 04:11 PM
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    Those leather battery covers are very tempting.
    02-24-12 04:31 PM
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    Those leather battery covers are very tempting.
    They are not good, believe me...
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    02-25-12 04:12 AM
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    i have the leather case, and trust me, its hardly worth the time and effort to order one off say ebay.....it looks nice, but the quality is extremely poor. dont waste your money. if you want to keep your phone looking jazzy, leave the stock battery door on your phone and throw a protective liner on it (i.e ghost armor,zagg etc).

    my leather door cover, has started to peel along the edges, and the blackberry symbol, has began to wear, turning it orange....it no longer has the silver finish...(yes i am rough on my crackberry, but thats no excuse for the door cover to fall apart after a month's worth of use...i also paid 15 usd for my battery door...wont be doing that ever again)
    02-25-12 05:17 AM
  6. DaNii1985's Avatar
    Why are you creating multiple threads with same question? Your other thread is already answered with original replacement backdoor links :|
    02-25-12 05:49 AM