09-20-11 08:00 PM
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  1. floz23's Avatar
    A quick way to disable the gps is to simply type GPS into the quicksearch, and it will take you to the proper options page.

    I'm gonna test the next few days with the GPS off.

    Also, the verizon users with the 9930, with the better battery life, do you have your GPS on or off?
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    08-31-11 02:23 PM
  2. iBerry9930's Avatar
    I went from 9 am till 6 pm with battery too low for radio use (yesterday) to 9 am till 4:30pm with 67% battery (today!)

    This is what i did changed from yesterday....

    Back light - 20% (was 50% yesterday)
    Display time out - 20 sec (was 40 sec yesterday)
    GPS - OFF
    running .353 leak

    Only app refreshing in the background is berryweather which is set to every 3 hours, no other apps refreshing in the background.

    This is with 3 e-mails set to push, about 50 BBM's and 50 e-mails sent, only 45 minutes of talk time today tho (was about 2 hours of talk time yesterday)

    Checked bereader and twitter about 7 times each, and about 20 minutes of web browsing.
    08-31-11 03:33 PM
  3. coolraghav's Avatar
    this phone will fail just due to battery, trust me on that. thanks to my car charger i'm saved by 4-5 pm.

    There's no justification that just to make bold slimmer we'll provide around 300mah battery less. I think that would had made my phone run till 6pm atleast. my 9700 used to die about 8-9 pm.
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  4. TomCanuck's Avatar
    Well I wouldn't go so far as to say it sucks. I've been using (B1672) since it leaked. The battery life is boarder line disappointing.

    Sure we all could disable every bell and whistle the 9900 has to offer, in attempt to squeeze out an extra hour of battery life, but question remains ... "Why should we have to?" .. RIM didn't set any records for smartphone thinness so why are we being punished? If the 9900 was "the thinnest phone ever" I could understand the marketing point... But what's the reasoning here?

    But, I do love my 9900 very much. Not once have I even considered going back to my 9780. Just a little peeved RIM kicked us in the battery for no good reason.

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    08-31-11 11:51 PM
  5. ishanhalani's Avatar
    @coolraghav. Just a suggestion. This might not be the same for people residing outside states.

    Go to Options>Device>Application Management>Amazon MP3 Store.

    Delete that app. Pull your battery, restart it. My BB used to work for about half a day, now it works for almost 2 days. Hope it helps
    09-01-11 03:00 AM
  6. lewisc1979's Avatar
    I'm going on 12 hours and have 25% battery. That's not bad at all.
    09-01-11 08:23 PM
  7. Alberta Blue's Avatar
    this phone will fail just due to battery, trust me on that. thanks to my car charger i'm saved by 4-5 pm.

    There's no justification that just to make bold slimmer we'll provide around 300mah battery less. I think that would had made my phone run till 6pm atleast. my 9700 used to die about 8-9 pm.
    You might wanna try a new battery. I think there is a bad batch floating around out there.
    09-01-11 08:29 PM
  8. Maiev's Avatar
    well i returned mines after 5 days, and one major problem is battery life. i'm quite a heavy user and even have 2 battery on a 9700 and rim apps.

    i leave bluetooth on, surf all day, bbm, 50-75 emails only rim apps is on except whatsapp and an 9700 bridged all day, would allow me to roll a full day, but a 9900 would die maybe 5hr short. I used the rogers stock OS and also did a .315. both fail on my daily routine.

    It might be cuz its a new blackberry and we're all playing with it a little more, but it shouldn't die 5hrs short, or discharging 20% faster is what i feel like. (and keep in mind, i just run rim apps, which suppose to be better for battery life.

    i heard the leak OS is better... but it still boggles me how they made it slimmer at the cost of camera + battery. i don't even mind they made it bigger but srsly, not at the cost of those 2 features...

    we shoouldn't need to do all these like turn off wifi when not in use, or turn it on when in use, or turn off gps, or set refresh frequency to lower just to preserve battery life. i was expecting a better experience than 9700... which in most cases true except fail at some areas...

    thinking if i should really get a 9900 again or not. or just truck along with my 9700 till qnx keyboard (which maybe another year lolz)
    09-01-11 11:44 PM
  9. coolraghav's Avatar
    @ishanhalani - i have no 3rd party apps/bloatwares installed as its direct purchase from RIM. no contracts nothing. Paid 32K INR for it.

    @Alberta Blue - I thought of doing that but as many users are complaining same so I assumed it might not help. Anyways will request for battery change now.
    09-02-11 05:07 AM
  10. VibeMonkey's Avatar
    Well, after 2 weeks of owning the phone, the battery issue has become a non issue. I am now able to go the entire day with the phone still showing 80% or better. It has definitely gotten a lot better after numerous charge cycles. Today it came off the charger at 8AM and four hours later it still shows 97%. I am a light user though, but I have stopped dumbing down the phone to get more longevity.

    OS v 261.

    btw, i love this phone.
    09-14-11 11:07 AM
  11. cyeoh's Avatar
    I don't get all of these people with battery issues. My phones been on for 24 hours. Very low usage, 1 x 1 minute phone call, 2 sms's and maybe 30 e-mail. And I've still got 69% battery available. My connection is generally a strong 4G connection, and bluetooth and Wifi are both on but not connected.

    I'm using
    09-14-11 11:23 AM
  12. willtothewong's Avatar
    I get better battery life on .353 than I did on my 9650 now.
    How did you get get .353? I am still running stock .254

    09-14-11 11:38 AM
  13. escentz's Avatar
    At first I was having some SERIOUS battery issues (I had to charge 3x the first day) but after redoing my settings and getting rid of or disabling some apps I don't even use my battery is awesome. Makes me love my 9930 sooooo much more.

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    09-14-11 11:42 AM
  14. Dr12voltz's Avatar
    At first when i purchased my 9930 On Verizon, like most people i was very disappointed in the performance of the battery. i was shocked at how quickly the juice ran out. Blackberry has always been good ole reliable for me from my old 9790, 9700 both are great phones, the berry's all did their jobs and did it great! Once in a while i would get a curly hair loose, and wander out and try other phones, HTC, iphone, Samsung. And all failed me. Always went back to my berries with in two weeks. So with tech advancing everyday, slimmer phones, bigger processors, better brighter screens they need to get power somewhere and by slimming down these phones in turn slims down the battery not to say that is what is hindering the battery. what i have come across is all these apps running in the back ground are destroying the battery life!

    These are my 3 main uses of a cell phone. Placing and receiving calls, text messages, and sending and receiving emails. What better phone to use then a BB right? Any other tasks i need to use i use my Playbook! Such a great combo.

    So to my point! First 3 days of using my 9930 max life was about 10 hours of moderate to heavy use and that was not gonna cut it for me. So i decided to look deeper in to this and experiment with what came loaded with the phone! i first started with the power hogg Facebook! "SHE'S OUTTA THERE" after i did that i noticed much improved life and then i went on from there! and started removing all the social apps and all the apps that need to access Location services, and GPS data! "OUTTA THERE" Along with all the carrier bloatware! And boy oh boy what a difference! I fully charged the phone Sunday night and left for work at 4:30 monday morning and today its weds 11:55am. and i now need to plug her in for a refill! So with my findings about these background apps running, they will squeeze the juice out. For me i dont need these apps. some people do need them and cant live without them, and thats all fine and dandy!

    So what i look for in a phone is batt life and the 3 tasks i stated above! im now happy with my purchase. Not to mention its a great looker! and ill let my playbook handle the rest of the duties!

    These are just my experiences with this new phone and i have set up my phone the way i use it. Everyone else has different needs for a phone. And i hope some more os updates can handle the way the os handles some of this background madness and help out the users that need those apps!
    As for me im a happy camper with my 9930+PB combo!
    09-14-11 12:01 PM
  15. supraking's Avatar
    There are 14 pages here, so I'm just going to ask without reading all of them... can anyone testify as to the battery when in a Wi-Fi zone and basically leaving the phone on 2G/Wifi when in use and 2G when not in use? I do that with my Torch now, when I leave a wifi zone I put on 3G, otherwise I leave wifi on at the office and 2G, and turn off wifi when sleeping for example.
    09-15-11 12:11 PM
  16. lycafe's Avatar
    Today, I have found out that BB Tweeter app v was the cause of my battery drainer. It was set at max. refresh time of 1 hr. and around this time I would be at 80% on my battery. But now that I have not logged into BB Tweeter app, my battery is at 90%...
    09-15-11 12:36 PM
  17. elcheapodeluxe's Avatar
    I have had my 9930 on VZW for a few days now. If I had come straight from my 9700, I might have been a little disappointed. Having been on a Motorola Atrix 4G for a while in the middle (and helping my GF with her stupid short battery life HTC Thunderbolt) the 9930 seems like a pretty decent device. It is also worth remembering that when I switched from my 9000 to my 9700, everyone was asking, "what the *#$( did they feed that 9700 for breakfast?!? The battery life on that thing is amazing!" Even compared to other recent blackberry devices. YMMV.

    I have gone through a couple complete charge and discharge cycles. By discharge, I mean let that sucker run until you get the message that says the battery is too low and the radio has been turned off. After a couple days of that my battery life is up around 24hr, with 3g enabled, WiFi about 50% of the time, and bluetooth on about 30%. A few hours a day walking / driving around. Multiple locations. Moderate usage - mostly Google Voice texting, compulsive emailing, some occasional web browsing. I'm plenty pleased. Wouldn't mind having a spare battery on hand though - may pick one up for days when I'm flying. My travel days seem to hit phone batteries the hardest.
    09-20-11 01:09 PM
  18. joesworld's Avatar
    Everyone having problems seems to have used the 'device switch' feature... that was my issue and when I wiped and put everything on manually my battery life became much much better!
    09-20-11 05:42 PM
  19. albee 1's Avatar
    I didn't do the device switch, just moved data and contacts manually. Been on my 9930 constantly since 6 am. Still have 50% battery. I did turn off the wifi and gps. Also have no twitter or other apps than the standard 5 running in the background.

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    09-20-11 08:00 PM
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