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    Okay I don't know if half the people here are bsing or not, but I see a lot of my battery last a couple of days and all that stuff. I have os .540 installed and the battery is still horrible. I am a heavy user I bbm all day at school from around 7-3 and by the time I get home I have like 20% battery left maybe less. I also go on twitter and facebook but not constantly. So please tell me how some people's battery can last a couple of days even when I dont touch my blackebrry I get a discharge rate of around 1%-2%. I have wifi/bluetooth/gps/nfc all turned off . I cant turn off my 3G because my network only runs on 3G and H+.
    12-04-11 05:32 PM
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    Well, Izeng, I don't believe the people who claim they get 2 - 3 days of use. I believe these people are aliens and are trying to brag because they feel inferior as extra terrestrial beings, lost on a big planet.
    Your battery life seems right on par with this device. Try lowering your screen brightness all the way down to 10 and make sure 'auto dim backlight' is on. Also, set your backlight to time out in 30 seconds. That should help pitch in a little bit in conservation.
    By the way, I've never owned a berry that went past 24 hours without totally discharging and or needing 50 thousand recharges. Those people, the aliens (shhhh), are nuts...N-V-T-S nuts
    12-04-11 05:55 PM
  3. wolfee48's Avatar
    If you are BBMing all day and checking up on Twitter and Facebook... you are getting semi par battery life. I take my device off the charger every morning at 06:00 and by about 17:00 I'm at about 70-80%. Thatwith mild usage. However... If I jump to heavy usage... I can easily drain my battery quicker than you.

    Its all about how you use it. The more your screen in on... the more your battery life is decreased.

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    12-04-11 06:06 PM
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    Backlight - with heavy use, it will eat battery. Calls eat less than the backlight. Constant use of the backlight will cause significant battery drain faster than radio use. Radio signal also has a big impact on battery. The lower the signal, the faster you'll consume battery and finally, don't believe everything you read about those claiming days on end on a single charge.

    You can do for a few days on standby if you don't have a lot of activity, but lot's of activity will chew through battery. I have three batteries. One has notably more capacity than both of the other two, so you may also have a defective battery as well. If you have a few apps that are updating frequently, that eats battery as well.

    No question that the 99xx uses more battery than say, a 9780. That's the price you pay for a high speed, high brightness, touch screen device. Useless apps like Meterberry and other so-called battery gauge apps will eat battery as well. Install and use only what you really need, turn your backlight down to 10%, set the screen timeout for 10 seconds, try another battery and buy yourself a spare.

    Good luck!
    12-04-11 06:10 PM
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    I had horrible battery problems with my 9900. It would take up a lot of juice just on standby. I was one of many migrated from a previous blackberry (8900) and restored my 9900 from backup data. I decided to back up my 9900, wipe it clean, then restore only contacts and password keeper. Now the battery works really good after 8 hours of heavy use including music I'm at 70%. The 9900 battery is still the worse compared to previous models, but its power hungry.
    12-04-11 06:35 PM
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    thats heavy.
    battery life of 0 contacts,0 texting,0 calls,0 bbm,0 imessage,0 windows live,0 yahoo,etc. would be the ideal battery life wouldn't it.the wall is a great thing to talk to and keep battery life.
    12-04-11 07:12 PM
  7. zahirw's Avatar
    Lower screen to around 20%.
    Timeout at 10 seconds.
    Refresh rate of fb & twitter to 1 hour.

    Should help.

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    12-04-11 09:42 PM
  8. lzeng's Avatar
    I have my brightness set to 10% and auto dim to 10 seconds annd my refresh to every 1 hour already any other tips? I got rid of socialfeeds too
    12-04-11 10:10 PM