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    Hey friends,
    Finally 7.1 works with a qwertz keyboard.

    I found that new battery saving mode in it - I have complained about my batterylife in the past.
    My BB never lasted more than 4-5 hours.
    (5 hours only, if I don't use it much)

    Now, I activated that mode and I'm really impressed! I get easily around 6-8hours on one charge. Even a whole day (24hours), with the holster and no often uses.

    Has anyone an idea how that works?
    The only big thing I noticed is, that the screen is a bit darker (which is totally ok, because even on 10 it was very bright) and my reception is a bit worse (but I don't know if it really has something to do with that mode).

    I love that addition - that was what I have been waiting for.
    Before that I was so unhappy with my 9900, that I often thought to sell it for an older device or to try the 9790.
    Battery life has always been a big thing for me, that's why there was NO OTHER smartphone for me than a blackberry.

    If you were ever sad about that thing too, give the latest 7.1 version a try! It's still a beta, but the best thing that could happen to the 9900.

    Best wishes,

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    02-21-12 10:46 AM
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    I just installed .267 last night so I'm going to see how well the battery life is with my normal settings for a day or 2 and if its still not that great then I'm going to try battery saver on the whole time and see how much better it is.
    02-21-12 10:53 AM
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    Hey buddy,

    Start it with "always on".
    It's really worth!
    I love it!
    02-21-12 11:14 AM
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    It simply does what a user would who wants to save battery life...turns down the screen brightness and shortens the screen-off delay...and when it gets to the user defined threshold, gets even more aggressive. I have always had mine set to 10% and 10-second shutoff...nothing different then battery-save mode. I get a day on a charge with moderate to heavier usage...and light usage goes for 36 hours until it goes orange.
    02-21-12 12:02 PM