02-09-12 11:21 AM
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  1. zipped's Avatar
    Well that pretty much answers the question. Unless someone with knowledge of blackberry.alx file edits it, all we can do is wait for a leak to drop.
    I used the berrylicous hybrids by zocster for my 9700. He made great hybrids; I was really impressed. They were the only builds that really made OS6 an asset for the 9700 in terms of battery, signal, and minimizing memory issues.

    He has a 9900 listed as one of his phones. Might be interesting to see him get started on OS7 hybrids.

    OS7 is so smooth compared to OS6 but would be interesting to see what he could carve up.
    02-09-12 09:41 AM
  2. phonegeek#AC's Avatar
    These leaks are a bit frustrating. I wonder when RIM will actually release this, and how long will it take. I'm also wondering is this going to be a classic RIM update which take 4 months before it is released while Android users laugh because they've had this forever.
    So testers at at&t received .258 on Mon. This was a little surprising because we're usually a week two behind when the OS leaks here. That said my understanding is that RIM is pushing a lot OS updates out by end of February.

    It will likely leak here shortly but otherwise I would expect it in a few weeks from official channels.

    02-09-12 11:21 AM
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