1. monwen's Avatar
    My phone defaults to VIBRATE after battery pull even though it was on loud prior to pulling the battery. Anyone else have this?
    10-18-11 08:46 AM
  2. Deathcommand's Avatar
    No.. But clicking and holding Q should put it back to whatever it was before. (In your case, loud)

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    10-18-11 08:50 AM
  3. monwen's Avatar
    That does work - but was wondering if it was on loud when pulling - and is on silent after it boots back up?
    10-18-11 09:55 AM
  4. monwen's Avatar
    Never mind - figured it out. Must still have been on SILENT when pulling the battery. Duh??
    10-18-11 09:59 AM
  5. dadathepanda's Avatar
    mine goes to vibrate wherever I pull the battery no matter what profile is on prior to pulling it
    10-18-11 02:26 PM
  6. mikecupcake's Avatar
    yep same with my 9900, wonder if it's the particular OS build...? I'm on whatever was the latest official a few days ago.
    10-18-11 11:07 PM
  7. mark_rivers19's Avatar
    i have the same experience.
    So remember to change your profile after a battery pull or a soft reset
    10-19-11 12:35 AM