1. dayoungdc's Avatar
    Question for those that know. How do I check to see what applications/programs are using the most battery life on the phone?

    On a normal day, the programs that don't close, that run all the time are my email, web, bbm, phone, and social scope (although I have that set so it only updates when I open it).

    I also have a weather app that updates hourly and includes a push to homescreen feature.

    I am trying to learn more about how the battery is being affected by the use and therefore how to ensure I get the most out of it..

    10-11-11 08:25 AM
  2. RalphBenji's Avatar
    While I haven't tried the app, a good battery app that may be helpful is Battery Booster Pro which is free. It gives you graphs to monitor the battery behavior for the last 24hrs. It may not give you specifics of each app you're running and how much abttery it has consumed, but being able to see the last 24hrs on a graph may be helpful. Another possibility would be deBattGym but is $3.99 and I believe may only have a 15 day free trial.

    Good Luck!
    10-11-11 12:10 PM
  3. TheCROW163's Avatar
    I'm very interested in this as well.... I would be happy if I can find an app that monitors each app's data consumption... That one would give an indication about battery usage as well.
    10-11-11 12:24 PM