03-07-12 07:29 AM
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    I went through and turned off as many things as I could to reduce use of the cell radio. I use opera mini with images turned off. I just use the blackberry browser if I need more content. For me un-checking the box that says "download images automatically" in email prefs made a pretty big difference. - get a lot of mail.
    Set roaming to home only. Clock to manual instead of automatic. Etc...

    Social apps to never update. BeWeather to update once an hour. Temp don't change that much inside of an hour.
    I use Battery Booster by S4BB along with smartwifi.

    Battery made it through a 12 hour work day with moderate usage.
    (I work in a steel and concrete building with many areas with poor reception.

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    01-12-12 06:38 AM
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    this is an amazing thread.

    upgraded my 9930 to 7.1, just finished charging, and made sure apps are properly shut down. the only one that i know is running in the background is blackberry travel.

    yesterday i had a drain rate of about 7pct, but also found i had scoremobile running in the background. my bad.

    my location causes the radio to switch regularly between 1x and 3g.

    i did switch off location-aiding/gps, wifi and bluetooth.

    brightness set to 10, auto dimming switched off, backlight switches off in 30secs

    the network is set to 'home only' and '1xve'

    i set time update to manual, same for timezone.

    i just started the blackberry device analyzer, only the battery drain test.

    let's see in about 8 hrs what the drain is - the phone just sitting on the night stand
    01-12-12 11:22 PM
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    Does the time/timezone setting really affects the battery? This is the first time I've heard about it.

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    01-13-12 02:23 AM
  4. TheRealRoland's Avatar
    I have not been able to do any scientific testing -- but it was mentioned a while (couple of months?) ago as another 'automatic' thing that might impact battery life.

    Can't hurt, right? Even when i'm traveling between timezones, it's better for me, since i'm consciously switching myself over from one timezone to another.

    Anyways, the results are in:

    There was a big drop, due to Blackberry Travel kicking in, finding all my gate changes, notifying me about returning the rental car, and another travel plan being generated.

    After that, the phone was very quiet.

    Started the battery tracking at midnight last night, woke up at 7am - battery drain was 2.1% on average. 80% when checking, started with a full battery.

    biggest culprits in my case: blackberry travel, and the 'ribbon' -- which i think is the blackberry panel process.

    So now i'll start enabling my twitter refresh, see what that does overnight. During the day there's no real stable test environment for me -- either a lot of emails, no calls, or lots of calls, and no emails.

    Bottom line:
    Apps can be active in the background, but not show up when you cycle through your apps
    Apps can be active in the background, and request refreshing of data -- twitter is set to automatically refresh, even when in the background. I do not know yet if twitter is one of the 'leeching' apps (ie. still being active, but hidden)

    Having switched off the background refresh for twitter, and making sure scoremobile is switched off - a reduction from 6 - 8 % drain / hr compared to now 2% per hr.
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    Wow! I will try the twitter refresh also!
    My battery life went bad after installing Twitter 3.0 Beta. Before that i could get %0.5-1.5 on idle with twitter refreshing every 5mins!
    03-06-12 11:32 PM
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    Which mode consumes more battery, "3g/2g" vs "3g".

    With .267, i am no longer considering 2g only mode. I can afford to go 3g, but i want to know which will drain less.
    03-07-12 07:19 AM
  7. will1881's Avatar
    2G drains less
    03-07-12 07:20 AM
  8. emirozmen's Avatar
    Twitter refresh didnt make any difference.
    03-07-12 07:29 AM
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