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    i have read bundles of reviews from people moaning about the battery life on the bb 9900, most of them saying that come the end of the day they only have about 10% or less power remaining. i have 1 question for the " moaners ", what is the problem with putting your bb on charge overnight?. Who cares if you have to charge it daily? - not using it when you are asleep are you?. admittedly RIM should have done better but dont knock a phone just because the battery is poor and it wont last you 10 days! also who cares how long other branded handsets last?. if you dont like the bb 9900 get another phone and stop moaning! remember this though - ALL handsets have their faults!
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    10-08-11 02:57 PM
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    Thank you very much for this. I use my phone heavily and it always last me through my work day. I've had the 9930 for 2 weeks now and I'm very happy with the battery. Coming from a short stint with several android phones I am very happy to have my BB back and it great keyboard.

    BTW with almost every android phone I waas charging at least twice a day and I expected that. But I'm happy that I don't have to worry anymore while I'm at work. And the best solution that I have is carry an extra battery with you. Its very simple. But anyway.

    Love this phone very happy with it. Very happy with the battery and keyboard.

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    10-08-11 03:26 PM
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    There's nothing wrong with the Bold 9930 battery life. I get much better battery life than I did with my Storm 1 & 2 with the samw use. The battery life is getting progressively better and is exceptional after a couple months of use.
    10-08-11 07:48 PM
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    The latest OS leak (.440) has improved the battery life for me greatly. I have no complaints whatsoever with the Bold battery.

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    10-08-11 08:02 PM
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    Stock os here, great battery life! I've never had a bb that I had bad battery life. Always had luck with batteries.

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    10-08-11 08:27 PM
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    im giving a try to this .440 os i really need better battery life for such a perfect device like this
    10-08-11 09:45 PM
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    Well, the battery life is definitely worse than the 9700, but it lasted me about 12 hours roughly before I had to charge. I make sure to carry around a car charger though...just in case....
    10-08-11 10:35 PM
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    My battery life got better with .353 firmware and after I learned to just adapt to the phone, I can get ~10 hours with moderate/not too heavy use (calls, facebook, email, texts, web browsing, and bbm). When I first got the phone I got like 8 hours before the phone was at ~10%.
    10-08-11 10:50 PM
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    I agree with you, but it really matters when every day isn't the same. Some days are quick, 9- or 10-hour days when I'm off a charger. Other days push close to 16- to 18-hour marathons with me running around and worrying about battery conservation toward the end. I'm sure we all have those heavy usage days when EVERYONE seems to be reaching out at random.
    10-08-11 10:50 PM
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    I am on an early release. 296 and don't have a prob with the battery life. Better than my previous Torch. I would recommend meterberry to monitor what is eating up your battery life, the results can be illuminating and surprising

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    10-08-11 11:08 PM
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    I only see a difference vs the 9700 of about a 3-5 hour difference over the course of 2 days. No biggie.
    10-08-11 11:30 PM
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    I stand corrected. Charged my Bberry last night. Wokeup to it being at most 80% charged. Now it is 11:30am and the battery is giving me the 'almost dead' sigh.....ugh....I have a good few hours of an ER shift to go. I will comment that I have been constantly using the phone during the day. Will have to charge phone in car on way to work next time.

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    10-09-11 10:36 AM