1. n1ckthequick's Avatar
    Hey Crackberry, just updated my 9930 to and after a couple of days of working normally, I've noticed my battery indicator now always shows its at 100% (although it isn't). I tried a soft reset, hard reset and neither have worked. Have not added any new apps since the update, any reason why it might not be showing the correct battery levels? Thank you!
    11-24-12 05:25 PM
  2. howards's Avatar
    Have you tried any other battery apps to check the % remaining? Could be you need to re-calibrate your indicator, which would be done by running the battery down to 10-15% and then doing a full charge.

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    11-25-12 01:55 AM
  3. n1ckthequick's Avatar
    No I haven't tried a battery app, never had one. You just made me remember when I first got the problem. The day after Thanksgiving actually the battery went down to the point where the radio was turned off to save battery so the phone wouldn't die, and since recharging it then, it has stayed at "100%". I should note that this has happened before (radio turning off to save battery), but it never caused the problem I'm having.
    11-25-12 02:16 AM

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