02-15-12 01:30 PM
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  1. palomartian's Avatar
    I doubt it, I don't think the phone will have issues (might be wrong) the culprit may be some apps.

    Apps, OS, hardware, whatever. A problem. The point is OS7 on a 9900 does not doom one to battery issues and the OE charger is just fine too. Tons of misinformation being spread around.
    02-12-12 09:00 PM
  2. boss_hog's Avatar
    Today after the deletion of google maps my drain has been 6% per hour and spent 3 hours in poor coverage. So it cut it 33 1/3% by deleting google maps. Now if I could do that with another app it would be perfect. My Iphone4 lost 41% in the same time which I used on telenav for 30 mins made a 2 min call, sent 1 picture message and left it airplane mode the rest of the day. That's just simply bad
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    02-13-12 07:06 PM
  3. Donrobbery's Avatar
    ok so i did the wipe. With 3G/2G i get a drain of about 8% per hour. The only time i get to the 4% per hour mark is if im on EDGE im a light user. BBM and a couple of emails a day. browse the net for max 15mins a day. Normal??
    02-14-12 04:39 AM
  4. BBFTW88's Avatar
    I am so tempted to do a wipe and start with a completely clean device but it seems so long winded to download all my apps etc again.....
    02-14-12 09:41 AM
  5. dadathepanda's Avatar
    'm'afraid that's not entirely accurate. I only added the contacts and maybe the calendar (don't remember) and the battery was pretty crappy. After installing OS 7.1 OTA it slowed down my phone so I reversed to OS 7.0. After a few weeks I updated again to 7.1, this time using DM and I don't really see a difference in consumption. The only thing I notice it takes less time to charge to 100% which may or may not be a true 100% capacity utilization, especially since it drops to 90% within one hour of unplugging.
    02-14-12 10:15 AM
  6. rmarinheira's Avatar
    Hi there!

    About to get my 990 in a few days.
    Not switching from another BB to the 9900, so, what should be the right procedures to avoid the drain issue?
    02-15-12 11:35 AM
  7. ubizmo's Avatar
    Don't jump to conclusions about the battery after just a few days. There's reason to think that battery life gets better as it's charged a few times. Also, you'll inevitably burn a lot more battery installing and uninstalling things, which on the BB often means device resets. These consume power too. So it's not just the battery or the OS "settling in." It's you settling in.

    Install OS

    Set your screen brightness to the lowest level, which is 10. You'll find that it's still very bright.

    Set your screen timeout to a suitably low value. I use 30 seconds; find the lowest value that works for you.

    If you install apps that update periodically, give some thought to how often they update. A weather app, such as BerryWeather, should update periodically, but ask yourself how often you need that to happen. Know that if you have apps like FaceBook and Twitter updating every 5 minutes, they're going to chew up your battery. Personally, I set these apps to manual update only. That goes for my RSS feed app as well. I already know that all these apps are getting new content all the time. I don't need to have the device keep checking so it can notify me. I'll update them when I feel like reading them.

    If you get a lot of "offers" in your email, this would be a good time to unsubscribe to a lot of that stuff. Keep in mind that every email your device receives involves using the radio just a little bit more. If you get a lot of that sort of mail, your battery is working to haul it in, and if you typically ignore or delete it, it's wasted battery use.

    Turn GPS off in settings. Apps that need it will activate it or prompt you. Turn off geotagging in the camera except for times when you really want it. Churning the GPS every time you take a photo is a waste of juice.

    Don't keep other GPS-using apps running when you're not actually using them. In fact, don't keep any apps running when you're not using them, except for the ones that can't be closed.

    Turn off data compression. It makes every read/write operation more CPU intensive, which requires more power.

    If you can get on a wifi network, do so.
    02-15-12 01:30 PM
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