1. mhw100's Avatar
    In attempting to brick my phone in another thread I ran the battery until the phone died. My understanding was that these batteries don't like that and I think I can confirm this after the test. Before killing the battery I was getting about 2%/hr discharge rate. It's now getting about 4-6% per hour. It might turn out that the battery will stabilize and isn't permanently damaged or that Meterberry is not reading it correctly but just thought I give everyone a heads up.
    11-08-11 02:35 PM
  2. lostOzone's Avatar
    Try to cycle the battery again to calibrate it again. Doing it till the phone shutdown is not really a great idea. I go between 4 and 1% at the lowest.
    As you have MeterBerry you can monitor the battery voltage and follow the digits from this page Charging Lithium-Ion Batteries in the section Over-discharging Lithium-ion. The battery should not go below 3.00V and at 2.70V it will put itself in sleep mode.
    11-08-11 02:49 PM
  3. salexs11's Avatar
    i've had my device since launch. i get about 5%/hour.

    moderate user. 30-50 emails per day; minimal surfing; weather app refreshes only when launched; generally in an area of good reception.

    btw, thanks for running the test. i think i'm going to do the same.
    11-08-11 02:52 PM