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    I am going through my second BB Bold 9900, both made in MEXICO, by the way and both having the same problem: the sound system sucks! The first one came with one stereo channel that did not work and I could return it. Then came the second one and it seemed to work fine for a few weeks until now. The same problem has appeared and there is only one stereo channel functioning!
    Nevertheless my "old" BB Curve 9300 3G (also made in Mexico!) and it is still the best Blackberry I have ever owned, has the best overall stereo performance! I compared the two, the Curve 3G and the 9900 and the 9900 is ABSOLUTELY NO MATCH against the 3G. Are we being shortchanged by RIM with the supposedly TOP of the Line 9900?
    My 9900 was purchased unlocked long before AT&T brought the 9900. Otherwise, I love it, but now, I am "forced" to carry the two with me, especially when I use it to listen to music in my car and when connecting it to my stereo.
    I am also very hesitant to even consider buying the AT&T 9900 even though I could get it "cheaper" for my contract expired long ago. and even more
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    I do believe the factory in Mexico has some quality issues. Try Hungary if you can find one.
    I saw today that 9360 is made in Malaesya. RIM has a factory there?
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