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    Ok so the other day when I'm leaving out on my way to work I notice my screen was white with the JVM error 102 message. So I decided to take it right over to my local sprint repair center which was a few blocks away when I got their they told me that they jus had to update the java and it would be fine. So I come back an hour later and they told me they couldn't save my phone so they gave me a new phone free of charge. So I was fine with that since I recently backed up my phone. Now when I got home to restore my info everything was fine except some pics I had taken on a recent vacation and videos were not restored. I didn't save them to the memory card since it was full. I just want to know is it anything I can do or anyway I can get them back since the backup/restore is not working. Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated
    02-01-12 12:06 AM
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    Now I wish I would've checked crackberry before running out the house.
    02-01-12 12:08 AM
  3. cberry8703e's Avatar
    Any ideas on why I can't get my pics back?
    02-01-12 08:43 PM
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    If you have a valid IPD backup you can try using the BlackBerry Backup Extractor, here is an interesting article: How to read IPD files from your BlackBerry - BlackBerry Backup Extractor Blog, might help.

    02-06-12 10:44 AM