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    I have the new BB Bold 9900 and I usually keep it on a 10% back light with the auto dim on and a 20 sec back light time out. Just recently when on auto dim the screen has been rolling, just like the old TV sets used to. I switch off the auto dim and the rolling went away. Well last night my screen went out, not totally, I could still see the screen barely. After a minute or so it came back on but totally bright and now I can't seem to set my brightness level anymore. Its stuck on 100% even if I set it to 10%. I've tried pulling my battery and restarting and resetting to no avail. I've tried resetting the light time out and and restarting. I'm just getting peeved. It's so bright! Any suggestions?
    02-19-12 01:19 PM
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    The new OS 7.1 leak has this bug where every time you reboot your phone, it sets the backlight to either 70 or 100 from 10. If you are on OS 7.1, change the backlight to 20 and this should fix the issue. I had this problem with OS 7.1 and I fix it by setting the backlight to 20.
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    02-19-12 01:52 PM
  3. CrazyFairy79's Avatar
    I've never experienced the phone randomly resetting my back light. The light itself switches from auto dim to extremely bright but the settings always remain as I have left them. Will try switching it to 20 and see what it does. Thank you!
    02-19-12 03:12 PM
  4. gadgetier's Avatar
    my first 9900 suffered terribly with poor battery life and the brightness issue was one of my problems, my battery from fully charged would only last around 8 hours on standby.
    vodafone uk sent me a new battery but didnt solve it (not that i expected it to) so eventually they gave me a new handset and now its fine.

    bug i found the first handset would reset itself to 100% even though it said it was set on 10%.
    think theres a lot of problems with tbis model and the firmware.
    I resigned to the fact that its best to leave well alone and havent installed any apps except a few that I really need and its been quite stable, no hangs or freezes, dont even need to battery pull anymore.
    think you either get a good one or a bad one.
    02-19-12 05:21 PM