1. bigbamboo's Avatar
    When I back up my 9900 it shoots through the process and then hangs for ten minutes or so on 'Backing Up Smart Card Options' before eventually finishing. Anyone have any idea what this is and how I can avoid it in the future (or if I can, without risk?)

    09-15-11 09:19 AM
  2. dollface's Avatar
    do you think it is also backing up your card? I haven't done a backup yet but I'll bet there are options somewhere that specifiy what to backup.
    09-15-11 10:51 AM
  3. simsim's Avatar
    Yeah, I think it does that if you have a hefty SD card with lots of data/media on it. It will take ages to scan through it and backup everything that needs it.

    That's why I disable that function as I generally copy all the media on the card FROM the pc in the first place, so feel no need to back it up again.
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    09-15-11 01:39 PM