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    The title says it all,

    i was such a pleasant experience starting from my sweet 9700, then 9900, to be part of this community and part of the bbm fan club! but yesterday was my turning point.

    I did my best, not to let my phone get bricked , at least trying to avoid the "common" symptoms that happen before bricking, i bared with few nukes - thank god for back-ups, that have occurred while at work. I was still more or less okay with some people around me trying to call me, and it would just keep saying my line is shut. i did bare with while on 3G my call could only last 1:30 seconds before call dropped....

    but having my boss, and my headquarters calling me over 20 times and not being able to reach me in addition to get all shout on not to be able to take very important calls * im a Professional Medical Representative * maxed me out. Im done with that, bullcrap that one has to bare! as much as i LOVE 9900,as much as it was too much burden in my work field, for me Bold 9900 is not work reliable anymore as much as RIM always been businessperson oriented this is a disaster. I've had it! its been amazing yet stressful 6 months on 9900.

    I might come around when new series come out, but till then i wont be looking back.

    Just wanted to share my thoughts.. thank you if you read this !

    au revoir
    03-10-12 05:49 AM
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    Alright sir

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    03-10-12 05:53 AM
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    Give it a second chance ?

    I've had two and haven't had one brick on me yet.

    Once I had to reload the OS (early os at the time) but haven't had any problems since then especially with the later OS's.
    03-10-12 06:42 AM