1. kitesurfer's Avatar
    Does any one know if there will be any difference between the TMO 9900 and the ATT 9900 soon to be released?

    Any specs out yet for the ATT 9900.

    I was going to jump ship and get one on TMO?
    10-24-11 01:58 PM
  2. alunkkk's Avatar
    All 9900 specs is same..
    the only difference between AT&T / T-Mobile is UMTS Bands Frequency, and the icon at signal bars..

    AT&T shows 'H+'
    T-Mobile shows '4G'

    *H+ & 4G icon : carrier marketing gimmick, 9900 max speed is HSPA only, not 4G*

    AT&T: Bands 1,2,5,6 (2100/1900/850/800 MHz)
    T-Mobile: Bands 1,4,8 (2100/1700/900 MHz)
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    10-24-11 02:06 PM
  3. Fnord's Avatar
    The phone are identical with exception that they run on different 3G/4G bands.

    This means you can't use a T-Mobile phone on AT&T and get 3G/4G and vice versa (once it's released). Other than that, they are the same exact device.
    10-24-11 02:07 PM
  4. kitesurfer's Avatar
    I wonder if the build quality will be the same? Sounds as though there have been quite a few QC issues?
    10-24-11 03:33 PM
  5. RoseBud68's Avatar
    Heard that the AT&T 9900 will have a different HW....

    Bottom line is the AT&T 9900 will have a different HW revision number than a 9900 from Rogers or T-Mobile. AT&T needed a HW revision.
    10-24-11 04:07 PM