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    Greetings all.

    Background: i am a BES 5.0.3MR6 Admin. I used a Sprint 9930 for sometime, using Bridge to test with a Playbook. This 9930 had developed keyboard issues and i activated a replacement 9930. With this replacement 9930, the same BES policies were applied.

    Issue: i tried to run My World from AppWorld and received the following error: An error has occurred. Please try again later. (Error Id: 40850) i do not believe there was a Blackberry ID issue because i then enabled WiFi and tried to access MyWorld again. This time it worked.

    Question: i cannot seem to find an answer as to what this error means or how to correct. Does anyone have a way to correct this without enabling WiFi?

    02-20-12 11:46 PM
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    02-21-12 09:34 AM
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    Thanks for the response. I did see that post, but it did not help me. Since I am able to use WiFi to connect from the 9930 to MyWorld, I'm going to ask our device group to ensure this replacement phone has the proper data plan. That is one of the few things that I don't have the ability to check in our corporate environment.

    Thanks again!
    02-21-12 01:15 PM