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    When the 99xx was first released, many complained (including me) about having only about 200 MB (of 768 MB) for apps.

    After having my 9900 for several weeks, I've found that I have PLENTY of app storage space.

    When I run only my main/core apps (which is how I usually run my BBs), I have 200+ MB of free app storage. I have NOT shrunk the OS...I'm running stock T-mobile 7.0.

    If I load up EVERYTHING I could ever want to load, I don't even get below 150 MB of free app storage.

    Obviously, I don't ever want to get below 100 MB of free app storage (I'm afraid it will slow the phone down).

    Is there any advantage of have LOTS of free app storage space available? Any advantage of having 200 MB free, as opposed to 150 MB free?
    01-07-12 05:52 PM
  2. Fret Madden's Avatar
    At startup I have 226mb free; right now I have 114 free with a 112mb loss, no performance hit whatsoever. I wouldn't have known I had that loss without looking just now. With the newer devices you most likely won't notice lag unless you get down to around 10mb or less, or use buggy or poorly coded apps. OS is Sprint's stock 7.1.
    01-07-12 06:52 PM
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    After a reboot, I stand @ 152 available. Once I get below 115 however, I start seeing the dreaded "spinning clock" a lot more often. When that happens I just do a "alt-right shift- del" and clear the memory that way. It's a daily thing for me and reboots pretty quickly and only uses like 2% of the battery to do it so no biggie. With a BB it's just a given that this is something that happens and I can live with it. Now when things go BB10, I'm sure this will be a thing of the past.
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    01-07-12 09:08 PM
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    I get around 160 at start up.
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    01-07-12 09:09 PM
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    How do I find out how many mb of app storage I have left please?
    01-07-12 09:14 PM
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    01-07-12 09:18 PM
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    You were very helpful, I wonder if you would mind looking at my other thread please 'accidentally deleted download folder!! Can I restore?' As you sound very in the know. I would really appreciaye it. Thankyou.
    01-07-12 09:24 PM