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    10-12-19 06:48 AM
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    10-12-19 08:28 AM
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    What’s his crackberry username?
    10-12-19 08:48 AM
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    What’s his crackberry username?
    Sorry wrong, its @idssteve
    10-12-19 12:28 PM
  5. idssteve's Avatar
    Haha... That be me... Lol. I'm certainly not the only one, tho.

    Still primary carry this VZW 9930. It NEVER leaves my person. Like a "Super Pager", it affords real time 24/7 availability in ways preferred over anything else I own.

    Due mostly to software neglect it's grown limited for some functions. Functions like banking, ordering, cloud storage, etc, etc. Things I might go all week not needing but "secondary carry" keeps those options available as needed. Which is why I've dual carried my Giants along with 99 since 2014. They get used about 10% of my use case and spend much time charging at desk, or out in vehicle. I've no hesitation about carrying two devices tho. Just not really needed most times.

    This Agent99.30 has nearly grown to my hand! It's bottom edge has formed a perceptible indention in my forth finger! Lol. I've slept with it in hand in anticipation of impending call or message from 11 time zones away countless nights! Vibration in hand wakes me without disturbing wife, among other things. Lol. She frequently awakes anyway and proofs my grammar... Depending on "first language" of the contact. She teases of checking they're not a girl friend... Hehe... Actually a compliment at THIS age! Lol.

    Thanks to powering thru battery swaps, this thing never leaves my person even for battery charging! It's been so many years since usb was plugged in, I wouldn't guarantee its usb port still works! A feature NONE of my "modern" giants enjoys.

    The Bold series truly were evolved around an alternate lifestyle. 9900/30 represented the ultimate flagship achievement of that evolution. A sadly under appreciated achievement, imo.

    Agent99.30 is "short timing" tho. Thanks to Verizon's cdma sunset, among other things. I've already prepared an Agent class 99.00 for continued service on ATT. Problem is, ATT coverage is non-existent at some frequented jobsites. Assuming VZW's coverage doesn't degrade with their "upgrade" (a common theme in this industry. Lol), my K2LE might be forced into "Primary Carry" when on VZW. It currently enjoys best VZW signal of all my Droid Giants. Not sure what VZW's "upgrades" will do to Classic, tho... Still hopeful there but not counting on ANYthing, these days. Lol.

    If OP is curious about experiencing these exquisite little gems, I'd recommend planning to dual carry. At least for a while. Once you let it into your life, you just might find it addictively compelling! This site got its name for a reason! Lol.
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    10-13-19 06:51 AM
  6. EFats's Avatar
    Hey I still use it. I rotate my phones weekly but the 9900 still gets its turn.
    Nothing wrong with it, the only thing I complain about is the browser, but typically I don't need it while at work
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    10-18-19 03:43 PM
  7. Shuswap's Avatar
    The 9900 is my everyday carry. There are a few more people around who still have a Bold or another BlackBerry OS device as their main phone.

    And there's always the odd experimenter who comes through and uses it for a few days or a few weeks and then disappears.
    10-19-19 11:10 AM
  8. Shawsomekid's Avatar
    Awesome! Cool to know there's still plenty of users out there

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    Yesterday 05:00 AM

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