1. HD123's Avatar
    Besides the serious battery drain issues many have I also have the issues below; anyone else?

    Many times when answering a call it automatically answers it with the speakerphone on, even though on the screen it says that it is NOT on speakerphone, so I have to then press "speaker" TWICE to turn the speaker phone off. I trust you can understand this can be very frustrating when taking calls.

    At times the touch screen freezes for a while and is not responsive. Some times a battery pull is required and some times it is not and it just suddenly starts working again after a while. This should not be happening as the phone is my secondary phone and it does not go through any heavy use what so ever.

    any thoughts? Do you guys think these can be fixed with upcoming firmwares or am I hooped?
    10-12-11 03:23 AM
  2. bgriff25's Avatar
    I haven't had any issues with the speaker phone when answering calls, but my touchscreen did freeze up last week. A battery pull fixed the touchscreen issue and when I talked to a Sprint tech, they said that this was a known issue and that a software update would fix it. Couldn't tell me when the update would come though.....
    10-12-11 05:44 AM
  3. rltilley's Avatar
    I had my screen become unresponsive the other day. It wouldn't respond to touch at all but I could use the track pad to get things done. Very odd. A soft reboot did nothing but a battery pull got the screen to respond again. Hasn't happened since.
    10-12-11 10:13 AM
  4. chasvs's Avatar
    Nope. no problems with the Battery Or the Touch screen! Everything is working FLAWLESSLY!
    10-12-11 02:32 PM