06-25-11 01:21 AM
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  1. Coachbulldog's Avatar
    I know people understand me here when I say I don't want an iPhone and I don't want an Android.
    I understand where you're coming from. I have no interest in Droid or iPhone. I'm disappointed the lauch of the Bold-Touch has been delayed, but I'm 100% sure it will be a great phone.
    06-17-11 11:12 PM
  2. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    There always has to be a balance between those that have to wait ready to upgrade and those that just upgraded to the current models.

    How do you release a new model without keeping some people waiting and without annoying people that just purchased the current models?

    Makes me think people holding back and waiting for the OS7 devices played a part in the low earnings report. I feel once the 9900 is out there will be an explosion for Rim, many will get their long awaited 9900s and many will be buying the current OS6 models at reduced prices.

    I could upgrade right now, but im waiting, and many are like me I'm sure.
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    06-18-11 03:47 AM
  3. leftypepper716's Avatar
    Especially if the increased rumor of Sprint getting the iphone 4S or whatever it'll be called in September. Sprint will have it hyped all over during the month of August...again, out of sight out of mind. Now we know for a fact late August is the earliest release for the Bold 9900/9930

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    06-19-11 04:57 PM
  4. DeeDudnath's Avatar
    I hope RIM can pull up next year and actually get into the race between android and apple. Right now things arent lookin soo good for them. See if the bold was released The begining of july RIMS Sales would sky rocket! Then have the torch 2 or that other touch screen phone come out in august and then then the curve. So in a way every month there would be a new phone and people who have upgrades around mthat time could get them then.
    06-19-11 07:59 PM
  5. jebulls's Avatar
    I am not as excited for the 9930. But......as more info comes out and it gets closer to release time that could def change! Some of the vids from may make this look promising. It's just too bad the os will be dead in a year! I have a bad feeling people are going to be let down by this device! Let's hope I am wrong though
    06-19-11 10:58 PM
  6. Bobcat665's Avatar
    Even though the full size keyboard thing has never been my cup of tea, I'm pretty excited for RIM when it comes to the 9900. It really looks nice and I think that the 1.2 ghz proc will make this thing kick a**! I'm still waiting to see what's up with the monaco/monza but if that doesn't pan out, I might seriously consider this one...
    06-20-11 03:08 AM
  7. bhavi_jp's Avatar
    I am still excited (tapered down) about this model. But I am not much excited about RIM's future in general.
    06-20-11 03:01 PM
  8. zurch's Avatar
    I still want this phone very much, its my fathers day present in waiting.
    06-20-11 10:10 PM
  9. emraldgtr1's Avatar
    Imagine a QNX version or refresh of the Bold 9900. We'll just name it the Bold 9980 - blacked out, more memory, better camera, different OS, etc. That's what I'm waiting for!

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    06-20-11 10:25 PM
  10. mustangv8's Avatar
    Not excited for weeks now because we have no idea when it may even come out. If I knew in my mind I could get this phone within two months, I would be happy and ready to buy it. However, as with Rim's usual success, we never get a product we actually want in a timely manner. Good thing we had that unveiling at BBWorld right? Might as well have pushed that convention back a month or two and blamed the Playbook as well.
    06-20-11 11:22 PM
  11. feek's Avatar
    no longer excited coz i've seen this device teaser for almost 6 months maybe more..

    but when it's out i do think i'll buy one after 6 months, letting the os getting stable and letting other people use it first..
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    06-23-11 08:40 AM
  12. bebna's Avatar
    the USEFUL app availability on iPhone
    Can u please make us a list of them? Developers are interested in such things.
    06-24-11 11:53 AM
  13. mechanic_joe's Avatar
    I WAS really excited about this device, for over a year since the rumours started I really longed for the 9000 keyboard with today's hardware specs behind it.

    Where I lost interest in the this device was when it was revealed to only have 200 -300mb of app space. Two years ago that kind of app space was acceptable, today its laughable. I bought a used Galaxy S1, and it has 1.7g of app space (plus apps to sdcard if I really wanted or needed the extra 32g of space), right out of the box. Now all the crackberry diehards will say "I don't care about apps", and yes for most people thats all good and fine, but the truth is that MOST smartphone users care about app space A LOT. Do I have to have angry birds on my phone? No, of course I don't. Does angry birds amuse my 4 year old at the Dr.s office and keep him quiet? Yes, yes it does. It is over 30mb on my phone, and its one of about 50 apps I run on a regular basis.

    In Sept I get a hardware upgrade through my carrier. I was saving this upgrade for the 9900. After acquiring and using a second hand Galaxy Vibrant for the past 2 months, my upgrade will now be used on the S2 (a device that's hardware is way beyond the 9900, and even beyond the Playbook). I need a device to last 2 years between upgrades, not 6 months, not 1 year. I like my tech toys, and I want to run the latest and greatest apps, on the latest and greatest hardware.
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    06-24-11 11:36 PM
  14. RSNL's Avatar
    I am still excited (tapered down) about this model. But I am not much excited about RIM's future in general.
    Yah, I don't think RIM's future is bright right now. Bad press can steer the general consumers away. I was so ready for this phone 2 months ago and now I don't know if i should invest myself with RIM...really on the fence of staying or moving on.
    06-25-11 01:21 AM
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