05-16-11 11:29 PM
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  1. Jimieo's Avatar
    I for one love what I have seen with this device in the videos and pictures. The only concern for me is the size. Is it too big? I've gone through CNET Reviews to get the dimensions for a few different devices to compare. I have fairly large hands so I'm told so maybe I shouldn't be worrying. Though the way it feels in my hand is part of the concern. I am also wondering how it would feel in my pockets.

    Anyway, if anyone else is having similar concerns as I am here are the dimension of this device and a few other BlackBerrys as well as an Apple iPod Touch 4G..

    In inches conversions done at Millimeters to Inches (mm to inches) conversion calculator :
    Bold Touch 4.5 x 2.6 x .4
    Bold 9000 4.5 x 2.6 x .6
    Bold 9700 4.3 x 2.4 x .6
    Torch 9800 4.37 x 2.44 x .57
    Curve 8330 4.2 x 2.4 x .6
    iPod Touch 4G 4.3 x 2.3 x .3

    In millimeters:

    Bold Touch 115 x 66 x 10.5
    Bold 9000 114.3 x 66 x 15.24
    Bold 9700 109 x 61 x 15.24
    Torch 9800 111 x 62 x 14.5
    Curve 8330 107 x 61 x 15.24
    iPod Touch 4G 109 x 58 x 7.6

    I tried to get accurate measurements so please excuse me if there are mistakes.
    05-09-11 12:15 PM
  2. ste1164's Avatar
    For closest comparison try and hold a bold 9000 the size will be very similar to that I expect, if you don't mind the size of that I'm sure you will be fine with the 9900.
    05-09-11 12:18 PM
  3. badger906's Avatar
    my current htc is @ 122 x 68 x 11.2 mm so im thinking its going to feel weird and small!! nothing like knowing youve got a brick in your pocket!
    05-09-11 12:23 PM
  4. bjack56's Avatar
    When the 9700 came out cries of "it's too small" echoed across the land, as I recall.

    The 9900/9930 will be just fine.
    05-09-11 12:27 PM
  5. Jimieo's Avatar
    I wish I could. Sadly the first BlackBerry experience I've had is with the 8330. After looking up the size of these other devices I am less concerned for sure. Mostly now I am curious how others are feeling.

    For closest comparison try and hold a bold 9000 the size will be very similar to that I expect, if you don't mind the size of that I'm sure you will be fine with the 9900.
    05-09-11 12:27 PM
  6. xanadome's Avatar
    I switched to 9780 from IP4, mostly because of its compactness, that fits nicely into my palm (besides of course keyboard shortcuts and all the rest). I wish RIM has Bold 9780 Touch version. I understand the argument of too small a screen and so forth, but when I need a larger screen real estate, it's mostly for the map and certain area in a site where I type in something such as banking site etc. Browser/map usage is only less than 10% in my case. Touch screen with pinch & zoom function is all I need. If I really need a larger screen, I will find the nearest laptop or desktop (or PB for that matter when I am on the road). In other words, I am willing to sacrifice the screen size for the compactness. Bold 9900 has about the same height with IP4 but a bit wider. Then, it's too large. Also, it does not have to be that thin. I can tolerate the thickness of 9780. Just cram a larger size (thicker) battery instead. But YMMV of course.
    05-09-11 12:38 PM
  7. rrrebo's Avatar
    This is the form factor/hardware combo many of us have been dreaming of for almost 4 years. It's good.
    05-09-11 12:47 PM
  8. Tuborgmann's Avatar
    I'm not concerned either, im THRILLED!
    05-09-11 01:37 PM
  9. jebulls's Avatar
    My only concern is that it has not been released yet!

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    05-09-11 01:49 PM
  10. fnguyen's Avatar
    my concr is with an otterbox on! it ll be huge, anybodyncan share their experience with the 9000 and otterbox?
    05-09-11 01:50 PM
  11. sleepngbear's Avatar
    The 9000 was very comfortable to hold and use. The 9900/9930 will be the same length and width dimensions but thinner, which I'm thinking will make it even more comfortable. No concerns here.
    05-09-11 01:51 PM
  12. papped's Avatar
    I don't think they're really worried about that since the 9000 was already out and widely accepted...
    05-09-11 01:52 PM
  13. sterling_bandit's Avatar
    My concern is why the size is being discussed and why its not out yet!

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    05-09-11 02:15 PM
  14. jinxednuance's Avatar
    My concern is why the size is being discussed and why its not out yet!

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    Agreed! The size is PERFECT for me!
    05-09-11 02:30 PM
  15. danageplan's Avatar
    I had a bold 9000 and it was the perfect size some people think its too big but if your a male over 5 foot you shouldnt have an issue
    05-09-11 02:32 PM
  16. albee 1's Avatar
    I'd you are really concerned there is a great comparison chart on Blackberry.com that let's you load a bunch of different BB's, iphone and Droids into a template for a visual side by side comparison. Your can also rotate the different phones. Haven't tried viewing it from a bb. You may need to do it from a pc.

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    05-09-11 02:43 PM
  17. surgicalrep's Avatar
    The only thing wrong with the 9000 is that it never came out on Verizon. Absolutely no concerns about the size of the upcoming 9930. Only issue is waiting for it to finally arrive!!!
    05-09-11 03:08 PM
  18. Bonnie Bonzai's Avatar
    Here is another way to look at the whole size issue:

    A smidge wider, a smidge longer and a couple of smidges thinner ! I'm thinking it won't really be a problem.
    05-09-11 05:26 PM
  19. LeinieWR's Avatar
    I appreciate the extra size! I had to switch from a Storm 2 with Verizon to U.S. Cellular (due to a new, local cell phone company coming in and screwing things up). The Bold 9650 keyboard was way too small, and I had to switch to an HTC Desire. I've been waiting for a LONG time for a new Blackberry!
    05-09-11 06:11 PM
  20. gbsn's Avatar
    Its actually thinner than the 9000, too pro for your mind. The true bold form factor is back.
    05-09-11 06:17 PM
  21. bmservice's Avatar
    Suitable size for man
    05-09-11 07:31 PM
  22. s.ben's Avatar
    Ive been waiting for this one for years!
    05-09-11 07:42 PM
  23. waccotobacco's Avatar
    The bigger screen and keyboard is what I need!
    05-10-11 04:50 AM
  24. Mamaluka's Avatar
    Not concerned one bit.
    To the guy asking about a 9000 and an Otterbox Defender... That combo is what made me a Blackberry die hard. The 9000 dressed in yellow and black for work and all else except naked with a sedio belt clip (phone faces in) for going out.
    I remember in 09 people photoshopping a trackpad onto a 9000, that was 2.5 years ago. I'd say this design is way overdue. C-mon, Ari Gold rocked this phewn for crissakes! You don't discontinue something like that. Welcome back 9000 refresh and then some!!!!!!!!!
    PS: if this phone sucks I am ______________ (you fill in the rest)

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    05-10-11 05:16 AM
  25. Nammer403's Avatar
    the size is not a concern for me at all, i had the bold 9000 and i loved that phone i have the torch now and its not big enough for me, i cant wait till this comes out
    05-10-11 09:57 AM
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