10-09-11 04:06 AM
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  1. fatih.kurnaz's Avatar
    There are so many reasons for migrating device to device.First you need to ask yourself which makes you happy.
    i4 is virtual keyboard, 9900 is physical keyboard.What we do the most in PDA Devices is to write generally speaking, right ?
    BlackBerry looks like heavy but can do multi jobs fast at same time..
    i4 looks like fast but can't do multi jobs fast.
    Maybe you want i4 only for shape of it ? that's your choice..
    Just ask yourself..
    What provides my needs best ?
    if you feel yourself undecided, double minded without buying you desired; leave your current device and migrate the new one.
    Sometimes we can't understand what we loved as they live in our life.You can notice your longing,your love as it is passed away or taken from you..
    Just try that : )
    if you interested let me tell my experiences..i have Galaxy S 2 Android rooted, iPhone 4 with JB,iPad with JB and BlackBerry 9900..

    What is my feelings after i lived them one by one is,
    iPhone,iPad is the selfish woman you liked and chase,but after you slept with her a period of time, you get bored.
    Android is the woman who smiles every guy which not makes me feel special
    BlackBerry is the motherly woman i'm married that only smiling to me and makes me feel special for her; even our good and bad days.
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  2. nat750's Avatar
    I have both & although ive tried to talk myself into just sticking to one theres certain features on BOTH phones i just cant live Without.

    Firstly ive never actually used an iPhone as a 'phone' its mainly Facebook, Twitter, YouTube which i use alot & find way better than on the BB (although still bearable on BB expect YouTube) also apps & opening Email with images. My iPhone is also jailbroke & allows me to tether with my wifi iPad & facetime over 3g which are BOTH very important to me.

    As far as my BlackBerry ive had every Bold since they came out (all available to the uk that is) & my main plus points for these are Calls, Text, Notifications, sending & receiving Text Email, word & excel to go, keyboard, Word Substitution etc. Basically its a communication dream & personal organiser so it makes a lot more sense as a phone.

    In short the iPhone is great fun, the blackberry gets things done. Choose what you need the most. (this message took me alot longer to write out on my iPhone than it would of on my 9900 but getting where i need to be on the Crackberry site alot quicker)
    10-09-11 03:02 AM
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    I picked up a 64gb iPod touch on Friday so have this and the 9780 now, right now the best of both worlds. The touch is a lovely bit of kit.

    Despite what I said earlier with RIM lowering their bar on battery on the latest handsets if Apple improve battery life and the messaging experience (likely with iOS5) then IMO the iPhone will be streets ahead with just the keyboard remaining. If that happened then my return to BB could be a short one
    10-09-11 04:06 AM
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