1. chadecoen's Avatar
    I am ready to upgrade/renew and I have read every post about trying to get T-mobile to discount the phone. I have called T-mo a hundred times, well, ok, not a hundred times but you get the idea. They keep telling me the price is what it is, no discounts. I have been with them for a loooong time and been very polite and everything but no dice. Even wirefly is $249 for an upgrade and let's talk is $279! I keep checking fatwallet but don't see any new deal posts there either.

    Any one have any good news about the price maybe coming down for the holidays or any other less expensive way to buy it now? When should we see a drop, if there is going to be one?

    I really want one but would hate to pull the trigger now only to have it be reduced for the holidays next week or something. I guess I just really want someone to help convince me to wait because I know it will come down but I don't want to wait!!!!!!

    11-07-11 06:24 PM
  2. papped's Avatar
    At $249 or $279 + 2 year contract i'd rather just buy it used for $350-400 and no contract extension (maybe on the lower end if you wait till after the holidays).

    Otherwise, you're gonna have to wait...
    11-07-11 06:28 PM
  3. chadecoen's Avatar
    Duh, hadn't looked at used yet. Was thinking still too new. Gonna have to check them out on CL and flebay.

    11-07-11 06:50 PM