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    Took a trip to San Francisco over the holidays, and with my 9900 in tow, I thought Alcatraz under the beautiful Californian sun would be the perfect opportunity to really give my camera a run-through. A few examples below and conclusions.

    Links under captions to full resolution.

    Attachment 100831
    An establishing shot.

    Attachment 100832
    Light not ideal. Some issues with light balance.

    Attachment 100833
    Poor low light performance, and white balance issues.

    Attachment 100834
    Took me a few tries, but white balance is mostly natural here. Some graininess in the darker areas.

    Attachment 100835
    Not terrible, but a pattern is established. Colour balance is lacking.

    Attachment 100836
    My runaway favourite shot of the day. Colours are vivid and sharpness is decent.

    The lack of manual controls exacerbates the shortcomings of the 9900/30 camera. Low light performance is extremely poor and compensated for with extreme ISO levels producing excessive graininess. Colour balance is on the more washed out side, and when shooting with light sources of varying degrees of brightness, the camera has a hard time finding equilibrium. Shutter speed was decently mediocre for a phone camera, but nothing that justifies (to me at least) the lack of auto-focus. The 9900 performs best in bright and evenly lit outdoor environments, but looking to the last picture as an example, the lack of proper focus is still disappointing. Depth of field is not very deep at all for an EDOF camera; Things are consistently blurry.
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    No offense, but we really didn't need another thread. Here is one dedicated to camera performance, and its on the first page...


    When I'm on vacation, or even around my home town of Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, I usually have a more professional camera with me, as I like photography as a hobby and love taking pictures. But for every day use, the 99XX's camera is perfect. Could I ask for more, yes, a bit, but nothing I can't live with.
    I do want to thank you for the input though. Pictures look really good, especially for a phone. I agree it should have auto-focus, but we just have to deal with it I guess...
    Did you take any close-ups of text or writing? I've seemed to master that type of shot to a degree that's readable and clear (at least imo).

    Also, with your conclusions... its a phone camera. I'm sure some of those problems would occur on an Android device or iPhone. I know I would take the 9930's camera over my mom's Droid2 camera any day, and even over a regular iPhone4 in some cases (although apps help with iOS...)

    I like the different modes you can use with the 99XX's camera... they really do change the shot
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    You could have added to previous threads.
    But thanks for sharing your experiences
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