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    I am very frustrated and have tried googling but I am looking for help. I have had my phone stuck in reboot loop like 9 times. I was given new phones the first few times than a few time I was able to fix it by uploading a new O/S. Everytime it has happend I was given a white screen .. this time its not turning on at all, I just see a red light.

    I have tried connecting it to desktop it reconizes a new operating system but it wont connenct. I tried with and without the battery. Is there any hope to save this phone? I really am annoyed to have to take it in anad wait 2-6 weeks for repair.

    to add.. i had downloaded the newest O/S on my phone at christmas. LAst weekend I looked @ my phone and it was dead.. thought that was weird bc I thought I had a full battery but didn't think anything of it. Last night I had a fully charged phone and when I got up in the middle of the night I looked @ it and it was dead. I plugged it in and in the morning there was nothing.
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    Do you have desktop manager installed and are you using a pc?
    When you plug your phone in do you see a lighting bolt flash where the battery icon is?
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    I had the blinking red light about a week ago (black screen, just the LED blinking red). Woke up to it. And I actually just pulled the battery and the device booted up like normal. I could have been lucky though.

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    Yes DM installed and using a PC. When I plug it in I dont get any notification. When I took the betteryout it reconized that once but thats it.

    I took the battery out for a few hours than put it back in ... no such luck
    01-13-12 03:50 PM
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    Run desktop software ...take out the battery out of your device .. plugs in the device to your PC .. let the pc recognize the device and click on update in desktop software .. let the download start and pop in the battery once it says waiting for initialization .. from there let it install and then your device will reboot.

    *You will loose all personal data from the device. I hope this helps
    01-13-12 04:09 PM