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    Yesterday my blackberry Bold 9900 show the red light and it wont turn on.

    I live in Mexico and my phone company is Telcel ( the owner of Telcel is the richest man in the world Carlos Slim. A nice fact about this company )

    I try almost everything and it did not work, I connect the blackberry to the blackberry desktop manager on a mac and it tell me that the blackberry has a problem and it needs to reinstall the OS again, after I type the password of the phone and after the OS was downloaded and the blackberry try to restart nothing happens and I got a new message saying that the blackberry could not install the OS.

    After reading all the messages here I see that there is a big issue with the blackberry bold 9900 I have with this phone only over 1 week.

    This issue appears when your battery is empty.

    I also try to connect the blackberry 9900 to a windows computer and I hear all the time the USB disconnect and connect sound.

    I return the phone to telcel and tomorrow I will have an answer about this issue, I hope they can fix it and if they cant they give me a new blackberry bold 9900.

    I don't understand why Blackberry does not release a new software that avoids this issue, I am sure that this issue is software related and it can be fixed.

    I will post anything about the blackberry bold 9900.

    * Blackberry needs to make better phones if they want to compete with the iphone, my main phone is an iphone 4S and if they want that people still buys blackberry they need to solve this issues fast to avoid affecting more users. In all the time I have an iphone I have been able to restore it even I have been unlocking and jailbreaking the iphone for years. In the blackberry I never install other software that it does not come from blackberry.

    The only thing I hope will help me is that I have a backup with blackberry protect, I hope to save everything.
    11-08-11 10:55 PM
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    Please post in the already existing threads to help keep all the information and troubleshooting in one spot.
    11-08-11 10:59 PM