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    ok so, have only had my 9900 a few days and about an hour ago for no reason whatsoever the main menu tray instead of six icons decided it would be 12?! it's covering my wallpaper and frankly looks terrible. pressing back and menu doesn't make any difference, still stuck with 12 icons. have tried a couple of battery pulls too, to no avail. has anyone else has this happen to them and/or have any idea how to fix it please?
    10-24-11 03:13 PM
  2. Deathcommand's Avatar

    Use your finger, poke the screen where the applications name is, then drag down.

    Im not laughing at you.. more like.. at your frustration vs the simplicity of the answer.
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    10-24-11 03:27 PM
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    Ha ha, this made me laugh.
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    10-24-11 03:34 PM
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    hahaha wow, thanks.
    no wonder i couldn't find anything when i searched! may as well leave this on here just in case anyone is as stupid as me... 100th time i've managed to do something i've not meant to with this touchscreen, too used to my 9700!
    10-24-11 03:38 PM
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    The touch is a wonderous device. I spent a day figuring out everthing i could about the thing before using it as a phone.
    10-24-11 03:40 PM
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    Don't feel bad, I've seen this same "issue" posted elsewhere. Good of you to risk ridicule to find the answer. Anyone with that additude will learn a lot here! Enjoy your new Bold.

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    10-24-11 07:13 PM
  7. egranlund's Avatar
    Hah, took me about 2 days to figure this out as well.

    Not very intuitive if you as me since that's the same gesture you use to expand the drawer to get at the icons.
    10-24-11 07:53 PM