1. grantmax's Avatar
    Hey guys:

    Trying to determine if I should be patient or hit an ATT store in the next couple days.

    Any ideas, guess, speculation, etc regarding the availability of the 9900 via Amazon Wireless?

    Thanks for the help!
    11-14-11 03:49 AM
  2. SevendustG's Avatar
    I dunno about Amazon.com but look at a couple other threads because the very next day after ATT put it out someone posted Walmart has it for $129.00.Costco as low as $99.00. I paid full price at ATT as soon as the store opened that Sunday thinking that everyone was going to be forced to sell for the $199.00 price point.I don't regret paying full price cause I love this BB but everyone that hasn't bought yet, save yourself some $$ and check your options before you commit to purchase.
    11-14-11 05:57 AM
  3. palomartian's Avatar
    I don't mind paying extra at the ATT store. I've been using the same store for a decade, and when they tell me to go f**k myself every time I have an issue, lie to me, or ignorantly misinform me, it feels friendlier somehow. It's like a guy I know who won't use the drive through. He reasons if they are going to spit in his food, it's better to look the person in the face. Humans... go figure.
    11-14-11 09:27 AM