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    I just got my 9930 and so far it seems great, except I really need to set alarms. A lot of alarms. Now, call me gunshy, but I had a 9650 and a Tour before this and both of them had serious alarm issues. I'm talking alarms that wouldn't shut off even when I closed them (had to reboot the phone), alarms set to vibrate only and silent sound that played a loud ringtone in a meeting - without fail, alarms that wouldn't go off, alarms that didn't play any sound when they were supposed to, alarms that broke the sound until I rebooted. Seriously, I gave up on using any of the regular alarms. And yes, I tried the Alarm as well as Calender ones.

    Can anyone swear that the 9930 alarms actually work and wouldn't go off with a crazy ringtone in a meeting when I have it set to silent?

    I used Zenminder on my previous BBs and I love it, but it's apparently not compatible with the 9930. I tried putting it on there anyway, but it won't let me select a ringtone.

    Any suggestions?
    03-13-12 10:48 PM