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    Some time ago I used the Media Sync option to look copy over the files in my BB 9900. Usually I choose the USB Device option, but for this one time - I thought I'd try it out. After the Sync was completed, I found that all the pictures/media from my BB had dissapeard. I rebooted my device (by removing the battery for more than 1 min) connected it back again using the USB Device option and started looking for the files.

    They were no longer there - not the ones saved on the device's hard drive, nor the ones in the media card.

    I saw that they had all saved on my computer - so I figured, whatever, atleast I have them.

    Since then however, if I take a picture from my Camera, recieve a picture/voice/video recording from BBIM or WhatsApp - nothing saves.

    I can take a picture from my camera, it shows up on the bottom left of the screen as taken - when I click on the picutre - I get nothing. It does not load! Then I go into Gallery, and it is not there. I've removed the media card and all pictures are now meant to shave locally... does not happen!

    Some where I read that I need to connect the device back to my machine and check to see if the "User" folder is hidden... I've looked for the folder. I don't see it!

    Can any one please help me? Any clue?

    01-14-13 12:07 PM
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    if you don't see the "user" folder, that means it must be hidden, unless you're not searching for it properly, when connected to PC via USB, it is in the:

    - BlackBerry (drive letter here) \ home \ user - this "user" folder contains all the sub folders where your media is stored on the device, like "music" for example
    - BlackBerry (drive letter here) \ BlackBerry - this "BlackBerry" folder contains all the sub folders where your media is stored on your SD Card, like "music" for example

    either way - have you done a device back up? if not, do that, for your PIM data - like contacts, messages, etc...

    then, wipe your device and restore your PIM data, then try again to put media on your device by dragging and dropping it into the right folders.

    i personally have never used any "media sync" service with BlackBerry Desktop Manager because i find it easier to do it manually. however, if you wish to use the "media sync" option - just make sure you use all the default folders on your computer and they should match what the sync option requires.

    best of luck

    use the "drag and drop" method of adding media to your phone, works best
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    01-14-13 12:48 PM
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    01-14-13 12:56 PM

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