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    I can't get my password keeper back. This is my personal BB. It stopped working yesterday while I was driving home. When i hooked it up to DL manager on my MAC it gave me the option of REPAIR. When I picked that it asked did I want to downgrade my OS. I said yes, since it was the only option. It uploaded the OS and the berry works, but it is missing Password Keeper completely and totally. I have a 9930 on Sprint. All my backups have PWK greyed out. I can not do the wireless unchecking because password keeper is nowhere on my phone , period. I can't figure out how to reload the OS because my phone of course if reading as updated. Please help.

    i keep getting this error message "Aborting install due to validation failure. Some packages contained unsatisfied dependencies."
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    12-10-11 01:42 PM
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    get on a pc and install it with apploader.
    12-10-11 01:55 PM
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    the error message is because I am using a mac? All others apps installed except password keper
    12-10-11 01:57 PM