1. Kieran9810's Avatar
    I have been trying to get the best battery life since I got my 9900, I updated the software to .540 I got about 9/10 hours battery with a few tweets and messages, and no music. I bought a 2430 mAh battery from ebay, it seems this isn't that good either and just drops 10% every half hour. So I want to change the os and give another a try.
    What would you recommend? .590 or 585/540 hybrid?
    Many thanks and any advice on battery life would help.
    12-22-11 06:15 AM
  2. sulcopete's Avatar
    I'm noticing better battery life by about 30% using the Nokia AC-6U charger...on advice I read in other places on Crackberry. At $2.65, it didn't quite break the bank either...
    12-22-11 07:45 AM
  3. emirozmen's Avatar
    Japan battery working awesome on .540.
    But I use EDGE only or switch to wifi when available.
    I believe the 7.1 cods will be better worh battery life, lets just be patient
    12-22-11 07:52 AM