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    I’ve searched high and low for this answer and it is eluding me. I've got a 9900 bold and i'd like to be able to access my Windows Home Server(WHS) shares over wifi. I've tried the files program on my BB see: Applications>Files and typed in my servers name //brain/share . It came up with a login screen but it always says authentication failed. So i tried to search something that wasn't on my network //foo/share and got the same result. It asked me to login then said failed.

    How can i get to a windows share from my BB?


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    02-18-12 02:02 PM
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    The way you tried to - is the correct way.

    Why you're getting failure messages is beyond me, but I don't know how your network is setup, or its topology.

    I'm on a Windows domain and I did it through the "files" application. The syntax should be:


    Authentication screen comes up with:


    Domain will either be the Windows domain, or if in a workgroup, machinename or workroup name.

    There's nothing special to be done...

    Obviously, you are able to see the workgroup/domain...so it's not a router issue...
    02-18-12 02:42 PM
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    Hold on i never knew rhat was possible..... Where do you enter the server address in the files app

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    02-18-12 05:51 PM
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    Thanks for the reply. As long as i know it can be done i'll keep plugging away at it. I'm not too sure what the problem may be as i'm able to access my server shares from all my other devices. With my luck i've used the wrong workgroup. When i get it working i'll post my ridiculously simple error.
    02-21-12 02:48 PM