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    y0 all

    owner of BlackBerry Bold 9700 needs new BB and thinking of this one, dont like touch screen ( torch and stuff ) should I get 9900 or 9780?

    Please help me, prons and cons if anyone have any from first hand.


    09-25-11 07:35 AM
  2. bbhybridchris's Avatar
    I think it would be a great upgrade personally....I've used many BB's the past few years and had gone from a Curve to the Torch 9800 this past year. After using the Torch for the past year originally i was excited that it had the slide out keyboard. I was not a big fan of touch screen typing after using some friends Iphones and Droids. Much to my suprise I rarely ever used the slideout keyboard on the 9800. It was a great touch screen for someone who absolutely hated touch screens before that. Coming back to the Bold 9930 for me was somewhat of a challenge going back to the hardware keyboard, but after about a week i dont regret it one bit! The Bold 9900/9930 is an awesome phone. The combination of being able to touch the screen, use the trackpad, and keyboard all in one form function is perfect. I say go for the Bold 9900/9930 if you want a slim phone with a beautiful look and perfect keyboard layout.
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    09-25-11 08:00 AM
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    Thanks bbhybridchris for nice review

    I think I will buy it for a 2 weeks when T-Mobile get it
    09-25-11 08:29 AM
  4. KodyShadow's Avatar
    I upgraded from 9700 and I also hated the Torch. I chose 9900 and I have zero complaints, it's a great phone. I still use my trackpad like the 9700, but touchscreen is really handy when scrolling quickly through messages.....................you do get used to using it, and it somehow feels different (better) than the Torch. Also, I don't accidentally touch anything with my face when using the phone, which used to happen with the Torch. Love the 9900 I would pick it for sure over 9780.
    09-25-11 10:18 AM
  5. Fnord's Avatar
    I have a 9900 and 9780 (personal & work), and for me there is no question. The 9900 has the best physical keyboard in the market, of any phone, and the fast processor and touchscreen over the 9780 put it in a different league. Only thing to consider is the footprint, since the 9900 is a bit larger. If you prefer the 97xx for factor I would hold out for the forthcoming update to that series.
    09-25-11 10:35 AM
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    I had a 9700 and it was a TANK! Did a lot of stuff with it (minus browsing because it sucked at it) and was a very nice gateway blackberry. My 9900 now on stock os, is nit as great in battery life, but destroys the 9700 in anything else. Speed, camera, keyboard, functionality. 9900 would be an excellent upgrade for anyone who has a current blackberry device. If you are looking for games, fancy features that hog your battery, a big shiny touch screen, then the 9900 is not for you. Although it does have some good games for it (you have to know where to look) it doesnt have the games that iPhones and Android devices have to offer (not talking about angry birds because thats a useless game).
    09-25-11 11:02 AM
  7. mssca's Avatar
    I sold my Bold 9700 and I think Bold 9900 is much better for me in terms of typing and speeds. The apps loads much faster than on Bold 9700 and the larger physical keyboard is easy to use compared to the smaller one on the 9700.

    Also the browser is bit faster (not a lot) and I don't see those clocks often. With a lot of app space and RAM, I don't even boost memory during the day. I just reboot every morning to clean up some java files.

    The big improvement would be the speeds and keyboard for me!!! I would go for it because the QNX phones will be mostly touch screen.
    09-25-11 11:11 AM
  8. XWolf's Avatar
    I have changed from 9700 to 9900 and would never look back. Ok so battery I 1 day instead of 2 but everything else makes up for that. Unlike piephones I can change battery if needs be anyway.
    Go for the 9900, no regrets.

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    09-25-11 12:29 PM
  9. Calotag's Avatar
    All of this 9900 talk has gotten me itching to sell my iPhone 4 and get my torch out, which I never sold!
    And then if att comes out with the 9900 I can upgrade.
    09-25-11 01:13 PM
  10. Punjabi007's Avatar
    I switched from 9700 to 9900. Personally I loved the 9000 as well. Typing on 9900 is a breeze. 9700 had the form factor but 9900 took over with its excellent build and finish. Its faster, crisp screen, beautiful to look and keyboard rocks! Anyday better than 9700. Only advantage of 9700 was it was bit smaller. For me coz of big hands 9900 is what I like.
    If you want a smaller size wait for 9790 which would have same features of 9900 except the size is same as 9700! I dont know the thickness of it though as 9900 is really slim and I do miss the Autofocus camera on it which was taken out to make it slim and they have a standard camera! Maybe 9790 comes out to be cheaper with an auto focus camera and same physical dimensions of 9700!
    09-25-11 02:34 PM