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    I had some threads in which I said bb is making such odd phones etc.
    But I have come to a conclusion. BB is clearly the best in full physical keyboard phones category, this of course applies for only 99xx series (not the torch). It doesn't have many competitors but still..
    Anyways Nokia has E8 and E72, the latest two models which are similar to the 99xx. E72 doesn't have touchscreen whereas E8 has. However if you have used the touchscreen on the E8 it is way behin bb7 devices, its a rival to 9800 maybe (in terms of touch screen). The camera is better, 8mp. And yes I have the seen the image quality, its better. But the OS lags a lot, more than OS 7. And Ovi Store isn't anything greater than App World, if not smaller. Browsing is also terrible on E8.
    Motorola Admiral is another compeptitor of this category. Don't know a lot about it. But as far as I have heard its not a great phone. It lags, the browser is slow even though its an android. And the touchscreen is a pain in the neck to use (pinch to zoom especially).
    HTC status is one competitor. The camera is slightly better on this one. The keyboard is the closest to the 99xx. However the software is so much pain to use. And the only advantage it has is Android Marketplace which is awesome. But the performance of the phone is so low that I don't know how it will perform when gaming etc. or running some heavy apps.
    Well the 99xx takes the cake. Best desing overall. Two color options (if it matters). Decent camera. Best browsing. Normal selection of apps. Best battery life between all (ties with E8). Best screen (286ppi). Best keyboard. Best, snappy os this form factor. Best call quality (well it's bb ). And best email support no doubt (push support)

    In conclusion, I have said many good and bad things about 99xx series. How it pales in comparison to iOS and Android. But I have forgotton the form factor. iOS has one model, seriously one model! Android has tons of models but one or two in this form factor which are rubbish! 99xx is a super phone compared to its competitors, its a pleasure to use after all.

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    12-18-11 05:13 PM