1. popeye's Avatar
    I checked on my 9930 from Verizon software update. It downloaded icon onto phone desktop. When I hit download it says download in progress and preparing to download and after 1 monute get error "Request Failed"
    The error says:
    "Original Error-
    The server is unable to provide an update at this time"

    Is it that Verizon server is busy or I am on Enterprise Server, is it them?

    It also says download on Blackberry Desktop , but that way I have to get a password to activate the enterprise server.

    Is it Verizon or my server for this error?
    10-19-11 07:30 PM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    Could be on Verizon side of things, how many times have your tried.
    10-19-11 07:33 PM
  3. otacon#AC's Avatar
    Is this a company BB on an enterprise server (BES)? Probably want to check with your IT department before doing any upgrade.
    10-19-11 07:36 PM
  4. popeye's Avatar
    maybe 10 times.

    Also want to make sure that if you do update wirelessly that you can save all and it save enterprises activation. I did it once before and it did.
    10-19-11 07:36 PM
  5. MisterShark's Avatar
    I've been trying now throughout the day also, at various times and always with very good signal stength.
    I too have a 9930 on my corporate BES but have never had problems with OTA updating previously.

    I tried updating my PRL before the update, battery pulls, etc, but nothing has worked so far.
    I aslo tried using BlackBerry Desktop Software and that method of updating resulted in the app telling me there is no available update!

    It's frustrating. I'm going to keep trying tomorrow, hoping it's just VzW's servers being too busy at this time.

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    10-19-11 10:04 PM
  6. MisterShark's Avatar
    Anyone else having trouble with successfully downloading/installing this OTA software update?
    10-21-11 11:23 AM
  7. manofice1's Avatar
    hope on wifi and try?
    10-21-11 11:30 AM
  8. nycgooner's Avatar
    Having same problem. Been trying for 3 days. Am on BES.
    10-21-11 02:03 PM
  9. elvin1983's Avatar
    That's exactly why I update using my PC... OTA is just too much of a pain. I had an error come up while I was updating, 507 or 517 I can't remember. All I know is I had to restart my computer and load using apploader... Good thing I did a fresh backup. Worked out for the best though, found a link thru mobile.blackberry.com that loads all the OS5 notification sounds on your OS7 device straight from RIM. Wouldn't have found that if I hadn't needed to reload everything.
    10-21-11 02:56 PM
  10. popeye's Avatar
    Well tried to download update tonight around 7:30PM and it downloaded-took 20 minutes-verified download and backing up.
    It is here.
    Pf you want I can let you know how it is.
    Try again you all!
    10-24-11 07:33 PM
  11. MisterShark's Avatar
    Mine came down and installed tonight also but my BBM got whacked somehow in the process.

    App World and the application management app in the options both think it still exists but it's nowhere to be found. I'm trying to figure out how to uninstall it (which I can't seem to do) and then re-install but no luck yet.
    10-24-11 08:37 PM