1. DMD31842's Avatar
    I am having a few issues with my 9930 (Sprint). When I try and go to App World, it says "Please Wait" and the wheel spins and nothing happens. Also, in my Email Set up I get the message "Application Temporarily Unavalaible". Any thoughts?
    08-26-11 04:02 AM
  2. technology-fanboy's Avatar
    Happens sometimes on the initial setup of the phone.

    Do a battery pull, and keep trying, it will work one time.
    08-26-11 04:11 AM
  3. DMD31842's Avatar
    Thanks. Have done that several times but will continue....
    08-26-11 04:34 AM
  4. technology-fanboy's Avatar
    I had to do it for like 5 mins yesterday and put the password of eveyr emmail several times until it finally worked
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    08-26-11 05:06 AM
  5. o4liberty's Avatar
    There is some kind of software glitch with this device

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    08-26-11 08:15 AM
  6. fr4c's Avatar
    The 9930 for some reason takes a really long time to establish a BIS connection. My VZW rep had to do a couple of battery pulls, as well as resetting the email service for things to start working.
    08-26-11 08:28 AM
  7. DMD31842's Avatar
    Am hoping someone at RIM is resolving this "glitch"! Very annoying (but it appears to be a great device)
    08-26-11 09:44 AM
  8. Mic_Tech's Avatar
    The issue has to do with Blackberry ID and using Blackberry DM to switch devices. It's addressed in the 3rd sticky at the top of this forum. Download the OS from Sprint (or one of the leaked ones) and follow the instructions in the sticky to reload the OS. I had the same issue when I first set up my 9930.
    08-26-11 10:04 AM
  9. dejinski2003's Avatar
    i am having issues with my bold 9930(verizon) my earpiece keeps going mute wont work ontil i restart my pone.

    please what can i do
    10-28-11 07:33 AM