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    A few days ago i had a problem. My 9930 froze and i simply did a soft reboot (the alt+right shift+del) and after it rebooted my wallpaper was gone, all the icons were tiny, the touch screen didn't work, and i couldn't make it respond. After plugging it in to try and reload the OS DM told me it couldn't communicate with the device, same with AppLoader.

    I tried BBSAK but i guess i hadn't loaded the new OS correctly or something but it wouldn't work either. After trying several times AppLoader worked with installing .353 for the 9930.

    I'm not sure what error or what on earth made that happen, but it was a heartbreaking time for me. I never thought my 9930 would freak out on me and me not be able to wipe an install. Makes me nervous about it happening again.

    Anyone know what caused this or what error it was?
    10-04-11 05:49 PM
  2. o4liberty's Avatar
    I have gone through 3 9930 so far the first one had corrupt OS RIM tech support told me. The second had a bad track pad. But the third one so far works good no issues. The tech at RIM said some the the earlier ones were released with bad OS and they are still trying to figure out what happened. But no suprise here I have had android devices that took more than three to get one that worked.

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    10-04-11 08:00 PM