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    So far I love the new device. I have run into an extremely annoying bug though. I don't know what initiates the state, but at some point the ESC key only takes me to the task switcher. No matter what menu/application/screen I'm on pressing the ESC key takes me to the task switcher. Pressing the END CALL key will get me to the home screen again, and a battery pull fixes the issue for a while. Eventually it comes back though. Anyone else seeing this issue?
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    08-17-11 09:10 AM
  2. funeralizer's Avatar
    Im having the same issue its driving me nuts I find that battery pulls dont even fix it the I leave it alone and it fixes itself. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
    08-17-11 09:22 AM
  3. calicocat2010's Avatar
    there is a thread called Back Button Not Working.

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    08-17-11 10:11 AM
  4. robpasell's Avatar
    Apparently this is a known issue that hopefully gets addressed in the next official update. I can't/won't install unofficial releases as I'm testing these devices for work.

    BlackBerry Bold 9930 Leaked – Hopefully Fixes Back Button Bug - BerryReview
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    08-17-11 10:13 AM
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    Did you guys try the latest leak?
    08-17-11 10:13 AM
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    there is a thread called Back Button Not Working.

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    That thread must be proud.
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    08-17-11 10:15 AM
  7. Rhino's Avatar
    This bug is the only thing preventing me from recommending this device to our companioes users at this time. The best work around that I have found is to press the lock button at the top of the device twice and then the "Esc" key works as it should again. I am waiting for the offical Verizon OS upgrade to resolve this bug.
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    08-18-11 12:38 PM
  8. retnuh#CB's Avatar
    Same maddening problem here on my Verizon 9930 and a battery pull didn't work this morning but the lock button/esc key workaround did so thanks. This is major pain when it happens and hopefully they will get it fixed soon even if Verizon isn't known for releasing anything quickly.
    09-20-11 08:23 AM
  9. digdah's Avatar
    I had the same issue about 2 weeks ago and it lasted about 2 days. Battery pulls worked but then it disappeared just as suddenly as it appeared and it has not recurred. Fingers crossed.

    Loving this phone!!!
    09-20-11 10:16 AM
  10. bull_thumper's Avatar
    From the thread entitled "Things you should know about your Bold 9930/9900-problems and solutions!"


    1. My back button suddenly turn into App Switcher:
    Cause: The OEM holster is too tight and when you insert the phone in there, it touches the screen and ALT+CAPS keys causing the back button to turn itself in to app switcher.

    Solution: Hit the lock button at the top twice OR click ALT and CAPS 2 times to get out of it OR stop using the OEM holster OR lock the phone before putting the phone in there.
    09-20-11 12:49 PM