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    Checked the forum for this particular issue but somehow couldn't find it covered, so....if it has, please accept my apology.
    I've had an interesting fluctuation in my 9930's battery today. When the phone came on this morning at 3:30 it was at 22%. At 4:11 it was at 19%. After a scheduled reset it came up as 23%. And now two hours later it's down to 19% with very light use.
    This is the first time that I've noticed this. Has anyone else had this experience?
    10-23-11 05:18 AM
  2. lostOzone's Avatar
    It has been reported few times in battery related thread.
    10-23-11 12:36 PM
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    Hi Qb, earlier posts mentioned the battery showing more after a pull. Mine was acting a bit unstable the first few days. It settled down after the Os broke in. Also I was only getting 95% charge even after all night. I finally drained the battery into the red once and have been getting a fast 100% charge everytime with superb batt life. My gf's iphone 4s did the same thing and a near complete discharge cured it too. I chose not to load a huge amount of apps right away and have been adding them one at a time until I can observe any negative results. So far, very good. I do a soft boot every other day out of habit, and have never done a batt pull. I delleted all languages but English and be sure to check Docs to go. Open Pdf's, mine was loaded with redundant pdf files that had to be removed one at a time! All said, I am really happy to have gotten this awesome device. For once I have gotten more in every function than was expected and so far it has been as solid as a rock. Enjoy your new Bold! See you in the forums.

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    10-23-11 01:43 PM