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    This is not the same bug I've seen on here where when you hit the escape button it brings up the app switcher.

    What happens is sometimes (it's never after certain events, just randomly occurs) the alt + escape combo doesn't bring up the app switcher BUT the escape button works fine everywhere else.

    The other issue that arises is when I type and hold alt to use the numbers it doesn't work right, I have to hit alt, let go then press the key to get the number to show up.

    One more thing happens with this bug, the trackpad refuses to work in certain menus or on the home screen, if I enter the main menu popup it will let me scroll up and down but say in the options menu it doesn't work, same for trying to navigate icons on the main page, however if I go a few menus deep into options it will work.

    This occured in the stock phone firmware, I've installed the latest pre-release and it still happens.

    To summarize:
    - Alt + Escape combo to bring up app switcher does not work
    - Alt key cannot be held to get numbers, must let go first
    - trackpad stops working on a select few menus and the homescreen
    - totally nuking the device and running with no 3rd party apps and it still happens
    - pulling the battery temporarily fixes it
    - pressing the alt or sleep key a few times does not fix it

    I went to the sprint store who said I had 30 days to return or exchange items but upon arrival I was told the salesman lied to me and it is now 14 days so my now 18 day old phone I am required to pay $35 just for a tech to look at, I called their support and after 4 hours and speaking to several departments and supervisors they would not waive that fee so I'm stuck hoping its software and that I can fix it.

    Please if you have this error and/or know a fix post it.
    11-12-11 04:22 AM