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    I am a past Blackberry user and I am ready come back. I currently have the Nexus 4G and have gotten used to the android calendar. I have 4 gmail calendars (one account) that I use through out the day for business. I have read on the forum that I can just set up separate accounts and I can sync, access, and edit the calenders off the 9930. My questions is what has been the experience coming from Android to Blackberry in respect to the calender? Is it workable or is it a deal breaker? Everything else is a win for the Blackberry.

    Thanks for you advice
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    I came from the droid incredible 2 and I love this phone but kinda still on the fence. Android still has a large advantage over BB but there are some things that BB has and Androids don't. If was a tough decision but so far it seem like the right decision. You should go to a store and try one.

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    I have been in the store and tried it. The main concern is the functionality/interface of the calender after after adding multiple Gmail accounts vs the android platform. Just wanted to get a gauge on the experience. Other than that I am ready to make the switch.
    09-17-11 07:02 PM