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    Hello all,

    Help needed, im a UK based BB user (just moved back after 3 years of iphone 3gs and 4) and im preparing to travel to India with work in a few weeks.

    When im there i want to turn mobile data off totally, but be able to browse the net, do facebook, emails and im+ over the free hotel wifi.

    Having tested this at home, and done some googling, its very apparent this isnt as easy as i thought it would be! Wifi on and mobile data off = no data apps (browser, skysports, facebook etc) work. I need the mobile data connection to be alive to use my wi-fi. In fact, how do i ever know that is actuall wifi im using!?!?

    09-17-11 06:48 AM
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    Well as it happens with BlackBerries that due to security concerns certain programs work ONLY with the BlackBerry data plans and not with Wi-Fi, for example Blackberry E-mails. I'd say rather than get into the complications of changing your APN and other things to make a few things functional, get a SIM card in India with BlackBerry data plans and you would be able to use everything. It's a little over 12 pounds for unlimited data in India for 30 days. So you can do basic browsing, YouTube, and perhaps IM+ over Wi for most of other things you would need a Data plan.
    09-17-11 07:35 AM
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    All of the native apps except text messages DO work on WiFi. You DO have to have a BlackBerry data plan, but that's only for device provisioning...and the device works fine with mobile off and WiFi on, on each of the apps the OP mentioned. All of my BB's can be used exactly this way...without exception. Where are you getting your erroneous information from? What does it have to do with the "security" you mentioned? Did you bother to research this before you posted bad information?

    All of my BIS and BES accounts work fine on WiFi only, with mobile data OFF.

    Nothing worse than know-it-all's who post wrong information - and share it with those who think it's correct.
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    09-17-11 07:49 AM
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    Thanks both for the replies, my experience is as posted however.

    I can get wifi only with mobile off, and i get the 4 little "BB dots" and everything seems to work, what i need however is basic GSM on (calls and text) and data through wifi only, so need to disable anything mobile data, (GPRS, EDGE, 3G etc) is THIS possible.

    And as the first reply mentions an India SIM with BB provision, how does this work now, what with BB id. When i had BB before, i would have had to have vodafone release my pin from their network before i could add it to the indian network, then would have to free it from India before i coukd re-add it to Voda. Has this changed in the last few years?

    09-17-11 07:58 AM
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    Data ON
    Data OFF while Roaming
    Wifi ON

    As noted, you will need to have an active BlackBerry Data Plan in order to use data even over WiFI.
    09-17-11 08:12 AM
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    Data ON
    Data OFF while Roaming
    Wifi ON

    As noted, you will need to have an active BlackBerry Data Plan in order to use data even over WiFI.

    +1. I've done that many times while traveling and have never had any issues receiving email, BBMs, FB...

    If you want to test to make 100% sure your not using roaming data, just turn your mobile network off, leaving wifi on. Everything should still work fine (obviously you'll need to turn the network back on to place calls and txt).

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    09-17-11 09:42 AM