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    Hi All - let me start by saying that I am extremely disappointed that my BB was unable to do this... I am not sure if it is a firmware issue or my phone. I have a 2 week old BB 9900, and have been taking short videos in HD with good results. I just updated to the .585 firmware 2 days ago, and went to my childs Christmas performance this morning. She was doing a performance of about 3-4 mins. While recording for maybe 2 mins, the phone decided to reset itself on me!! It wasn't the memory, as I have 6gb left on my device, and made sure that all videos are saved directly to device rather than memory card. It wasn't the battery, as after the phone reset itself, I still had 60% battery.

    The worst thing was that after resetting itself, it did not even record or save any of the video, and hence I missed out on recording my childs performance. Honestly, this is not good enough - when everyone is there with iPhone's or Androids doing exactly the same thing, their phone can power on right through.
    12-22-11 08:22 PM