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    Hi guys,

    recently got my new Bell 9900. Love the device. But I am little bit confused on how it uses data when on Wifi.

    Right now, I am sitting on China Unicom with no BIS services (I will get it soon though).

    So, I have the normal data 3G plan. Few days ago, I had few 5-6RMBs (about 1 usd) left on my account. I was using it at home on my wifi. I turned off Data Services (I thought since I am on wifi, I dont need it anyway) and tried opening App World. It gave me an error saying that No Data Services were found (wifi was on thou). I thought, OK, whatever. Tried opening Gmail app - same result. So, later I gave in, turned on Data Service and everything worked.

    So, I did some browsing, downloaded few apps, did all the upgrades, chat on IM+, etc. It went for about an hour or two. Later I was gonna go and check the app world again, but it gave me the "No data services" error. Gmail app - same. But I was able to use browser to browse internet. So, I checked my account and I had 0 balance

    Now, I didn't make any phone calls or SMS. just internet. on wifi

    Total BB noob here. is it normal? how to avoid Carrier data usage when on WIFI?

    11-04-11 01:35 AM
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    App World (and some other apps) uses data, yes. I know...sucks. I don't understand why they make it do that. Probably a "secure data" thing?
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    11-04-11 03:22 AM
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    Thats right some apps require BIS to work ... but most apps gives you a choice how to connect, like IM+ does.Gotta take a look at the setting.
    But app world probly till needs BIS/BES

    But for you browser over wifi you should be able without BIS.

    edit:In case for IM+ if you go to setting > Connections > "start Autoconfig" it should then regonize you are on wifi.
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    11-04-11 04:27 AM